Arizona Cardinals teammates slam Kyler Murray contract extension: ‘We built a monster’

the Arizona Cardinals “Homework” Clause From quarterback Kyler Murray’s contract after the clause was reported by the media?

According to some comments from Murray’s teammates, the team should have kept it.

Murray’s anonymous teammate said recently Michaelal Silver, writing for Bally Sportsafter the quarterback signed him, “It was like they created a monster.” 5-year, $230.5 million extension Arizona in the summer.

The teammate, dubbed a “Cardinals veteran” in Silver’s story, wasn’t done yet.

Silver wrote in the article: “Once paid, Murray felt less compelled to study game plans and live up to the expectations of the franchise QB position than he had before, leading to the collapse of the Cardinals. felt predictable.”

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By Murray’s contract, he highest paid quarterback, and playerin the NFL.

However, it was not without controversy.

The contract includes at least 4 hours per week studying team opponents Every week of the season, according to reports.

of The clause was denounced across the league back and forthit was removed from his contract.

“Seeing the distraction it created, we removed the addendum from the contract.” The Cardinals statement said“It was clearly perceived in a way we never intended. Our confidence in Kyler Murray has never been higher, and more than the commitment reflected in this contract, is his ability to lead this team. We have nothing to show for our beliefs.”

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An unnamed Arizona Cardinals teammate questioned the work ethic of Kyler Murray, who received a preseason contract extension.

An unnamed Arizona Cardinals teammate questioned the work ethic of Kyler Murray, who received a preseason contract extension.

Murray complied with the terms After the team removed it.

Murray told the media, “If you think you can do everything you’ve done in your career, but you’re not a game student, you don’t have that passion, you don’t take it seriously. “And that’s almost a joke. To my mates, all the great athletes in this league, all the great players. This game plays the position I play in this league.” It’s too difficult for.It’s too difficult.

He continued: “I’m 6-7, not 230 (lbs). I don’t throw an 85-yard ball. I’m already behind the 8-ball. And I can’t afford to take a shortcut. is not meant to be..but it’s something you can’t achieve if you don’t take the game seriously, if you don’t prepare it the right way.

he wasn’t finished

“I refuse to have my work ethic, my preparation, questioned. I have put an incomprehensible amount of time and blood, sweat, tears and work into my work,” Murray said. “To those who believe I stand before you today without a work ethic…I’m honored that you thought so, but it doesn’t exist.” It is impossible.”

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Murray recently underwent surgery for a torn ACL It’s also unclear if he’ll return for the Cardinals’ 2023 season opener.

Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill recently The QB “types” into the team’s search. For new coaches, vetted comments.

Like Murray is clearly down for his work ethic again.

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This article originally appeared in the Republic of Arizona. Kyler Murray accused of work ethic by Arizona Cardinals teammates