Arizona clinic has workaround for abortion drug ban


PHOENIX (AP) — The Phoenix Abortion Clinic has figured out a way to quickly get drugs to patients who can use the pill to terminate their pregnancies without violating the reinstated Arizona law banning most abortions. rice field.

Under the arrangement, which began Monday, patients will have an ultrasound in Arizona, receive their prescriptions through telemedicine appointments with doctors in California, and mail them to the post office in the California border town for pickup. increase. Everything is free.

Judges in Arizona weren’t as easy as they used to be, but the law before it became a state Criminalization of nearly all abortions could be forced Nearly two weeks ago, this process saved an overnight trip to a major California city with an abortion clinic. It’s also more accessible than the previous workaround used by his Camelback Family Planning in Phoenix (a Swedish doctor prescribing the pills and an Indian pharmacy mailing them to Arizona). It can take up to 3 weeks.

Ashley Filing, a nurse at the clinic, said the cost of the pill would be covered by the Arizona Abortion Fund. Pills and surgical abortions were legal until about 24 weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled her Roe v. Wade in June, allowing states to ban all abortions.

The Food and Drug Administration announced earlier this year that Permanently remove rules requiring face-to-face consultation By consulting with a health care provider before a woman undergoes a medical abortion, she can schedule a telemedicine appointment and receive the pill in the mail.

But Arizona has laws against mailing pills and against all abortions unless the mother’s life is in danger.So the clinic came to make arrangements with the clinic New Mexico and California Treating Patients Those who want access to abortion drugs and those older than 12 weeks who require surgical abortion.

At Camelback Family Planning, Feiling said she wasn’t worried about doing ultrasounds or post-abortion care for people who use the pill to get abortions.

“We do not offer abortions,” Filing said. “We’re just giving people information.”

A person who receives pills mailed to one of the three towns in California on the Arizona border will pick them up at the post office, take the first dose there, then go home and take the second. I was taking medicine for They will return to the clinic in about a week for follow-up examinations.

Cathy Herrod, president of the Arizona Policy Center, a socially conservative organization, and architect of Arizona’s tougher abortion restrictions, lashed out at the proposal.

“The abortion drug program shows a startling disregard for the health and well-being of mothers,” Herrod said.

Despite FDA approval, Herrod argues that abortion drugs have serious effects and require in-person testing and follow-up care for women.

“I’m not surprised that the abortion industry is more interested in making money and selling drugs than caring for women.

Arizona is one of the Republican-led states to ban the delivery of abortion pills by mail. He is one of 14 states with a near-total abortion ban that the Supreme Court granted when it overturned his Roe decision.

About 13,000 women had abortions in Arizona last year, and about half of them used the pill. Most occur before 15 weeks of gestation.