Arizona Columnist Teases Kari Lake’s Delusions About Being Governor of ‘Cuckooland’

veteran columnist Arizona Republic hit the Republican Party Kali Lake she continues.cuckoo landThe illusion that she is governor.

The failed pro-Donald Trump candidate November gubernatorial election to Democrat Katie Hobbs. But she still called herself “Duly Elected Governor of Arizona” Despite losing the election appeal, lawsuit Challenge the results.

If Lake is a governor anywhere, it’s the governor of Neverland, Narnia, Middle-earth, Oz, or Wonderland. Lake “she continues to live in a fanciful fantasy of her own creation,” he added. But it’s not clear if she really bought the fantasy or if she’s just pretending to, Montini said.

He attributed Lake’s trip to the political ozone to her visit to Mar-a-Lago, “Donald Trump’s personal Disneyland.” A.

There, he learned that even if he lost, he could say he won, and act without embarrassment.

Lake said, “We lived in the real world. Facts are facts, they’re happening. Occur‘ said Montini sarcastically. But no longer.

“Alice awoke and left Wonderland. Dorothy returned from Oz to Kansas,” writes Montini.

“Not Cali”

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