Arizona County Supreme Election Authority Leaves in Threat


Phoenix (AP) — A year and a half from supporters of former President Donald Trump who accept his lie that he lost the 2020 elections as a county record clerk and return officer elected in Yavapai County, Arizona. I have resigned after the above threats and intense criticism. Of fraud.

County registrar Leslie Hoffman said on Friday that she was fed up with “trouble” and accepted work outside the county. Her last day is July 22nd. She said her longtime election director Lin Constabile was leaving for the same reason, and Friday is her last day.

“Most of that is the annoyance we’ve dealt with,” Hoffman said. “I’m a Republican recorder, living in a Republican county, and the candidate they wanted to win won 2-1 in this county, but I’m still saddened. My staff too. that’s right.”

“I don’t know what they think we’re wrong. And they’re very annoying. Accusations and intimidation are annoying.”

Constabile was busy doing the pre-election “logic and accuracy test” needed for the next primary on Friday and didn’t get any comments.

The experience of Hoffman and Constabile is not unique. Election experts across the country are threatened and harassed Since the defeat of Trump. How her life was when former Georgia election workers mistakenly accused her and her mother of pulling fraudulent ballots from Georgia suitcases last week by Trump and her allies. He testified to the Parliamentary Commission about the confusion.

Ken Mattta, who had worked for the Secretary of State of Arizona’s office for nearly 20 years, resigned from his post as chief of election security on May 6. Long twitter thread Tired of the intimidation and harassment he and other electoral workers received, he decided to leave most of the time.

Fifteen county recorders in Arizona are responsible for voter registration and ensure that ballots are properly sent to more than 80% of voters who vote by mail. They earn only $ 63,800 a year, and salaries set by the legislature haven’t risen ten years after Hoffman took office.

A director of the county election is appointed to conduct the actual election and oversee how to count ballots. Constabile has been a Returning Officer for 18 years and is leaving for another job.

According to Hoffman, the county sheriff’s office decided after the 2020 election that additional protection was needed due to the threat and began regular patrols of the home, something never before.

The board of directors’ meeting is full of critics who hold a sign and make a swoosh from behind when Hoffman or Constabile is set to give a presentation.

“Whenever there is something on the agenda, people come and protest it,” Hoffman said. “They don’t like the vendors we use. They don’t like the programs they want to introduce. It’s very sad.”

Hoffman is a longtime resident of Yavapai County, and she once said she turned “his noise” at her from behind the room.

“And I saw them and said,’Since 1961, I’ve been in this county. No one in this county cares more about it than I do,'” she said. Told. “And it met,’Shut up, look back and head to the board. You’re looking down.'”

She said she was confident that her “great staff” would ensure that this year’s elections were successful and that the county supervisor would appoint a qualified successor.

“They will be very enthusiastic about studying who they will consider appointing,” she said.

The August 2nd Primary Ballot will be mailed next week.