Arizona’s family tried to kidnap a woman in disgrace


Phoenix (AP) —Police arrested six members of a family in the Phoenix area, who say they targeted a 20-year-old relative for disapproving her boyfriend who did not share Islamic beliefs. bottom.

A 20-week-pregnant woman told police that her relatives might kill her because she believed she had caused disgrace to her family. Police wanted the family to send the victims back to Iraq, officials wrote.

More than 20 cases from West Valley to Yuma on Friday, police in Peoria on the outskirts of Phoenix alleged victims, her boyfriend and his family alleged crimes such as chaotic behavior, harassment, exacerbation of assault and kidnapping. He said he had submitted a police report. Police did not identify the victim or boyfriend.

The victims’ parents (63 and 59 years old) and four siblings between the ages of 31 and 36 were arrested.

Court records describe the detective’s accusations of intimidation and assault. Most recently it took place last week at the Avondale medical building. According to police, relatives carried a woman’s cell phone and purse with her boyfriend’s gun during the “violent assault.” According to court records, the woman grabbed the corresponding police officer and complained, “Please don’t let them take me.”

According to police, one of the female siblings was accused of leaving a voicemail in May threatening to kidnap her boyfriend’s 15-year-old sister if the victim did not return to her family.

According to police, the victim fled to Yuma earlier this year in an attempt to escape from relatives with his boyfriend and his family, but appeared at the hotel and tried to kidnap him.

Victims mentioned Noor Almareki, who was 20 when his father killed her in a parking lot in West Valley, and told police that he was afraid to die in an honor killing. The Iraqi immigrant father was convicted of murder after prosecutors said he had killed his daughter because she believed she was too westernized.