Arizona’s Libertarian Senate Candidate Resigns, Endorses Masters

(Bloomberg): Arizona Senate Candidate Mark Victor Declines, Endorses Blake Masters, Offers Potential Boost to Republicans in Head-to-Head Race That Could Decide House Dominance .

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The move, announced in a video released Tuesday, could help the Masters on the final day of his race to oust Democratic Senator Mark Kelly.

“We don’t agree on everything, but after that conversation Blake Masters will live and do everything he can to further the interests of the world peace movement.” “There are no perfect options here. We have to recognize that.”

The latest New York Times and Siena College polls released on Monday put Victor’s approval rating at just 1%. Kelly maintains a steady but narrow lead in the polls ahead of next week’s vote, and even a small move to the Masters could help him.

Voting has already begun in Arizona, with many voting early and voting by mail, minimizing the impact of the late decision to drop out Victor.

–With help from Megan Howard.

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