Arlington’s man has been murdering his wife for divorce the day after his wedding for 23 years.

Tarrant County Friday jury convicted Arlington’s murderer For strangling his wife in their apartment in 2019, just days after she arrived in Texas.

Hours later, the jury sentenced 39-year-old Tareq Alkayyali to a 23-year sentence for the murder of his wife, who was seeking a divorce the day after the 2018 wedding, the prosecutor told the jury.

Alkayyali was convicted of murder in Fort Worth Criminal District Court No. 396 on Friday morning.

The jury had the option to find Alkayari innocent of murder, manslaughter, or manslaughter when he killed 23-year-old Wasam Mussa in Amman, Jordan in May 2019. ..

Allenna Bangs and Madeline Jones, assistant district attorneys for Tarrant County, told the jury that Mussa was reluctant to marry Alkayyali in her native Jordan.

He took her to the hospital during past first aid, but Alkayari went to work and put her in bed after saying she had fainted.

“He put his hand on her beloved face and watched the light disappear from her eyes,” Bangs told the jury. The statement was released in a news release by the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office on Friday afternoon. “What is the value of life?”

Mussa was killed less than a week after arriving in Texas from Jordan.

The two married in Jordan in 2018, but the husband came to Texas for his work, a member of the family told Fort Worth Star Telegram in 2019.

The prosecution said he did not go on his honeymoon, and Mussa returned home the day after the wedding with her belongings.

According to the prosecutor, he had a relationship with a colleague while they were away.

“She went to the United States to give her husband the opportunity to live a life for her family,” Mussa’s brother Ahmad Ali said in a 2019 email to Star Telegram.

During her short visit, the couple discussed and talked about divorce. Mussa told her brother that in one of their fights, Alkayari covered her mouth with her hand.

The night before Wasam’s death, Alkayari googled how to deport his wife.

Mussa was unknowingly discovered He was later sentenced to death in a local hospital in the couple’s apartment.

According to officials at the Tarrant County Medical Inspector’s Office, the autopsy showed that Mussa was suffocated.

Wasam Mussa was killed just days after arriving in Arlington, Texas in May 2019. The jury convicted her husband of murder on Friday.

Wasam Mussa was killed just days after arriving in Arlington, Texas in May 2019. The jury convicted her husband of murder on Friday.

“She went there knowing he had a lot of problems,” Ali said in an email.

“She (Mussa) was afraid of him,” he said.

Arlington police responded to a welfare check request at 6:42 am on May 28, 2019. 2500 blocks of Park Village Drive..

The caller told the coordinator: The man may have been in the apartment and assaulted the female.

Arlington police found Alkayari outside the couple’s apartment and arrested him.