Armed by a prosecutor who hinted at a boy with shot put

Chicago (AP) — A prosecutor who hinted in court that 13-year-old Adam Toledo had a gun the moment he was fatally shot by a Chicago police officer in a video showing that the boy’s hand was empty. I was on vacation the next day. It was open to the public.

“At last week’s court, lawyers in our office couldn’t fully present the facts surrounding the death of a 13-year-old boy,” said Sarah, a spokeswoman for Cook County lawyer Kim Foxx. Sinovic said in a statement. “We are taking the individual off work and conducting an internal investigation into the problem.”

During the April 10 hearing for 21-year-old Ruben RomanJames Murphy, an assistant state lawyer who was with Adam when he was shot on March 29, seemed to suggest that the boy still had a gun. Officer Eric Stillman I pulled the trigger.

“The cop tells (Adam) to drop it when (Adam) turns to the cop. (Adam) has a gun in his right hand,” Murphy said. Chicago sun times.. “The policeman fired a shot at (Adam) and hit him in the chest. The gun that (Adam) had landed on a fence a few feet away.”

But Murphy didn’t explain what the videos and screenshots show. Adam had nothing in his hand when shot and dropped or threw his weapon within a second before the policeman pulled the trigger. After the shooting, police found the gun next to a fence a short distance away.

by Chicago Tribune, Foxx told staff in an email that Murphy’s words in court “did not completely reflect all the evidence given to our office.”

But on Friday, Sinovic suggested that he might not have been able to access all the videos released on Thursday, telling the Sun Times: ). We are still trying to understand what he had access to when he spoke in court. “

On Saturday, Sinovic said in an email that he would not comment on or answer other questions about who else in the office watched the video footage before the April 10 hearing.

An image of a boy raising his empty hand when he was shot caused anger in the neighborhood and elsewhere in Little Village where he lived and died.

Roman was arrested on the scene for alleged resistance and obstruction to police officers, but after the investigators determined that he had fired a gun several times, he was a felony of the child’s danger and illegal use of weapons. Was charged with a reckless release of a gun, before the police arrived.

He remains in Cook County Jail after a judge ordered him to be detained for $ 150,000.

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