ARMv9 is a long-lost new chip architecture that improves security, AI and overall computing power

arm cortex-a


Now everyone’s mobile phones, tablets, and even laptops are using chips designed with the ARM architecture. With the advancement of technology, ARM has to respond. They have launched a new generation of architecture design v9 for a long time, focusing on the improvement of security, AI and overall computing power.

ARMv9 They will use their new Confidential Compute Architecture (CCA) and adopt the new Realms concept. Specifically, if all apps are run by other software in different environments, it will be possible to use Realms to protect the code and related privacy data.

At the same time, the Scalable Vector Extension 2 (SVE2) developed by ARM and Fujitsu will also be used. This set of technologies applied on supercomputers will allow ARMv9 architecture processors to have sufficient capacity to handle 5G, Edge computing for machine learning, VR, AR, etc.In terms of overall computing performance, ARMv9 will bring more than 30% performance improvement. Total Computer strategyAn element in the.

Although the official mentioned that ARMv9 will be applied to 300 billion ARM architecture devices in the future, it did not disclose when related products will officially debut. But judging from the number of electronic products today, it seems that ARM wants all the shared data in the world to be processed in the chip device they designed, whether it is the terminal or the cloud.

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