Army veteran shot into a car full of black girls after a Trump rally was sentenced to 10 years in prison

Michael McKinney.
  • Michael McKinney injured a black teenage girl in a shooting after the December 2020 trample rally.

  • Witnesses said the girl in her car and others were exchanging barbs with participants in the trample rally.

  • On Monday, McKinney was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison after making a judicial transaction.

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A military veteran who shot into a car full of black teenage girls after last year’s trample rally was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison on Monday. Associated Press..

Michael McKinney, 26, from St. Charles, Iowa, was charged with attempted murder in connection with a shooting on December 6, injuring a girl. Des Moines Register..

In June, he agreed to plea bargain and plead guilty to reducing allegations of dangerous weapons threats and intentional injuries, instead of withdrawing more serious charges.

According to the register, both charges were sentenced to up to 10 years in prison, and prosecutors demanded that McKinney be in prison in a row.

However, the judge decided to allow McKinney to serve them at the same time due to lack of criminal records and honorable discharge, the register reported.

A statement from the victim was read in court on Monday, worried that she would die the day McKinney shot her.

According to the register, “I thought I’d die the day I was shot. I didn’t know if I could walk again,” she wrote. “I’m a 16 year old young woman who wants to love herself, but it’s hard to see the scars and remember what happened on December 6, 2020.”

Earlier reports, on the day of the shooting, the victim was in the car of another black teenage girl near where the Trump rally ended at Des Moines.

One witness said the girl in the car and Trump supporters were exchanging thorns, teenagers called Trump supporters white supremacists, and Trump supporters were welfare for teens. Asked if Associated Press Previously reported.

When Trump’s supporters began to surround the car, the driver retreated and hit a pickup truck, at which point McKinney approached the car and shot, hitting the victim’s foot.

According to a search warrant seen by the register, McKinney, who was wearing body armor at the time and had some firearms, told police that “he felt at risk and was protecting himself.”

In court on Monday, McKinney apologized for his actions that day.

“I made a bad decision on this issue,” he said, according to the register. “I’m really sorry, but I want to express it deeply and deeply.”

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