Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in a serious car accident in Los Angeles

Arnold Schwarzenegger was in a serious car accident in Los Angeles on Friday night, according to reports.

Schwarzenegger escaped with minor injuries, According to TMZ..

According to TMZ reports, the action star and former California Governor-owned SUV is depicted riding on two different vehicles at Sunset Boulevard. His SUV airbag was unfolding.

According to TMZ, a woman driving one of the other cars, the Toyota Prius, bleeds from her head and rushes to the hospital. Schwarzenegger stayed at the crash site. It is unknown if he or a friend was holding the steering wheel.

Investigators said no one on the scene was injured and had not been arrested.

According to police, Schwarzenegger’s car was turning left and trying to pass through the red arrow signal, KCBS. report.. According to police, the hospitalized woman was about to make a U-turn, apparently giving way.