Artist identified as a link to the hidden space of James and Jennifer Cranby in Detroit

A person believed to have provided Detroit with his office while James and Jennifer Cranby were being investigated by police identified himself as an artist in Metro Detroit.

Andrzej Sikola spoke to police about his involvement, his lawyer, Clarence Das, said in a statement on Sunday afternoon.

“Mr. Sikola has not been charged with a crime. Nevertheless, he voluntarily went to the Detroit Police Department and the Auckland County Sheriff’s Office when he learned that Crumbles had been arrested on December 4, 2021. He contacted and provided information. He is fully cooperating with law enforcement agencies to maintain his innocence throughout this process and to assist in their investigation. “

Michael McCabe, Deputy Sheriff of the Auckland County Sheriff’s Office, contacted Shikora’s lawyers and confirmed that an interview was set up.

Link between Sikora and Crumble’s parents First reported by The Daily Beast.

Artist Andrzej Sikora is shown in this 2008 file photo in his studio at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit.

Artist Andrzej Sikora is shown in this 2008 file photo in his studio at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit.

Ethan Crumbley has been charged with terrorism and multiple charges of terrorism, one murder, attempted murder, and weapons crime, and is facing life imprisonment. Oakland County prosecutors have charged parents James and Jennifer Cranby with four counts each. Involuntary mansions.. The charges will be punished with up to 15 years in prison.

Police and prosecutors believed that Crumbles would withdraw after the prosecutor announced charges against his parents on Friday afternoon.

They didn’t.

Instead, Manhunt, including local police, the FBI, and the U.S. Marshals Service, was terminated early Saturday morning by the Detroit Police Department. Received a hint It led them to an art studio in a commercial building on the eastern side of the city, where police detained them.

The studio, Decora Interior Art Design, is owned by Sikola.

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Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bushar said Saturday afternoon that his office was considering prosecuting an unknown person for justice support and betting or sabotage.

Bouchard is an art studio with multiple types of partitions within the building where Crumbleys was found.

“We believe they were helped to get there and enter there at that place. We gathered that information, completed the whole thing pretty quickly, and the prosecutor had either potential. Present it on suspicion. Justice support and betting or sabotage. It will be a decision by our prosecutor at some point in the near future. It is an ongoing task.

“Given they were hiding in a Detroit warehouse, that certainly frowns on me.”

He was asked why they are in Detroit:

“It’s one of the questions why they were there and why they were in commercial buildings in that form and way,” he said. “Where they were and how they were seemed to support the position they were hiding, and they weren’t looking for surrender at that time.

“There is clearly no charge at this time, but it is part of the investigation and ultimately it is the prosecutor’s decision if there is an applicable charge. We are related to it. I’m trying to put together as much detail as I can. Obviously it’s enough to say that there are enough early signs that someone took them to that place and made them available. And after it was publicly announced that they had a warrant. “

According to Sikora, she was born in Zielona Gora, Poland, and emigrated to the United States in 1990. His website. He is known for his mural paintings in several private homes and businesses around Metro Detroit.

Last month, the Oxford Leader published a photo of Sikola standing next to a large mural at a Red Nap restaurant in downtown Oxford. Photos that are no longer active on the Oxford Reader website, You can continue to view it using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

The photo is due to Jehn Crumbley. This is the name professionally used by former realtor and marketing director Jennifer Cranby.

Staffwriters Jennifer Dixon and Christine MacDonald contributed to this report.

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