As Biden approaches his 100th day in office, Republicans admit that it’s difficult to attack his agenda

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden will speak at the White House. MANDELNGAN / AFP via Getty Images

  • President Biden has received favorable reviews from voters as he celebrates his 100th day in office.

  • Republicans are struggling to counter Biden’s strong policy agenda.

  • The move to raise corporate taxes to fund Biden’s infrastructure bill is gaining voter support.

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President Joe Biden confused Republicans in Washington, DC.

he Push through successfully His $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout bill claimed that despite the opposition of all Republicans, the widespread law has gained considerable support among GOP voters.

Long-loved by Amtrak, Biden has long advocated strengthening the country’s infrastructure. Proposed $ 2 trillion bill It will invest in everything from roads and bridges to broadband and public school upgrades.

Like the bailout bill passed in March, Republicans claim the infrastructure bill is too expensive.

Recognizing the failure that plagued former President Barack Obama’s administration from his previous perch as Vice President, Biden was unforgiving in his view that it was a time of bold change in America. did.

Republicans have attacked that worldview, claiming that Democratic unified control of the government has brought too much liberalism and Biden’s rule is portrayed as a responsibility.

But almost 100 days after Biden’s first term, most voters seemed to have the opposite view, and the Republicans were almost helpless to stop him.

Biden has a good reputation from the American people

In the last few days, some major national polls have visited Biden Positive approval evaluation..

latest Pew Research Center Poll Biden showed a job approval rate of 59%-39% of respondents disapproved of his achievements.

Latest Morning Consult / Politico Poll Biden’s employment approval rate was 60%, but only 37% saw his performance at a disadvantage.

Quini Piac A poll released Wednesday showed that Biden was also in the positive territory with a 48% approval rate and 42% disapproved.

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The proposed infrastructure bill will actually vote Better Most Republicans in Congress are categorically opposed among Quinnipiac poll respondents when asked if they support raising corporate taxes to fund the bill.

Bidden Amtrak

U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidate and Former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill are supporters preparing to board Amtrak’s train to launch a campaign train tour in Cleveland, Ohio on September 30, 2020. Say hello. Reuters / Mike Seger / File Photo / File

It is difficult to counter the popular, president who has just poured a great deal of stimulus into the economy to help the country recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Republicans are increasingly speaking out about their predicament.

Biden’s long-standing modest sensibility gives him credibility

South Dakota Senate Minority Secretary John Thune acknowledged the party’s struggle to counter Biden’s message.

“We need to do it well.” He told hill.. “Most of what they do is popular, so sometimes we don’t think our message is as sharp as it should be. It’s popular when spending money.”

Indiana Senator Mike Brown told Hill that the Republicans were “insufficient” to counter Biden’s agenda.

“We have a very good job because he defines himself and is deploying something like this where we owe all the pennies for it and the general public is buying it. I don’t think you’re doing that, “Brown said. “We need to find a better way to articulate and brawl, but I don’t know if we’ve found it.”

After serving as a US Senator from 1973 to 2009 and then Vice President from 2009 to 2017, Biden has long had a reputation as a good old-fashioned Democratic member of the Democratic Party of Japan.

As president, he, along with many nonpartisan voters, succeeded in formulating policies in a way that elicited support from moderates and progressives.

Progressivists who lined up behind Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 and 2020 Democratic primaries Overwhelmingly lined up behind Biden’s policy agenda to date has helped give the president almost unanimous support among Democratic voters in the latest polls.

However, Republicans in Congress have begun to complain that Biden’s transpartisan outreach did not provide them with much input.

Republicans think Biden is overkill in his policy

“He had a unity and transpartisan dialogue, and he did most of the masterpiece in that none of them were there,” Brown told Hill. “And we need to clarify that. The invitation to the White House … I think I was in one of them … what did we end up with? Zero.”

Republican members predict that over time, voters will lose their desire for Biden’s larger spending proposals.

Senator John Thune

South Dakota Senate Minority Whip John Thune will speak at a Republican press conference with Kentucky Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Kevin Dietsch / Pool / AFP

“His tone is moderate, he is a friendly person, he is a likable individual, many of us know him, have a relationship with him, and have a friendly and likable person It’s probably hard to attack, “Thune told The Hill. He will continue to stay in the left and right lanes in terms of policy, and eventually it will start catching up with him. “

Kentucky Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, who has served Biden in the Senate for over 20 years, recently said that Biden presided over the “leftist regime”, praising him as a “first-class person.”

“I personally like him, which means we’ve been friends for a long time,” McConnell said.

For COVID-19, Biden has a high reputation for dealing with this issue due to its focus on vaccination and “straight talk”.

Over the past few weeks, Republicans have sought to shift President Biden’s focus to the US-Mexico border. Rapid increase in unaccompanied immigrant children I want to cross the border.

However, although Biden’s approval on immigration issues remains His weakness In polls, it didn’t have a big impact on his overall position and surprised some Republicans.

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson has filed such a complaint, accusing the press of enabling Biden.

“I think he’s defining himself … I think all we have to do is point out what he’s doing, the disaster at the border,” he said. I told Hill. “Keeping mainstream media in your back pocket keeps it popular.”

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