As COVID spreads across the United States, some Trump facilities are actually asking guests and staff for masks.


Trump International Hotel Waikiki
  • Some playing card properties require guests and staff to wear masks as well.

  • The property includes Trump International Beach Resort in Miami, Florida. Here, Governor Rondesantis is currently fighting the school over the obligation of children’s masks.

  • Mar-a-Lago staff told insiders that if the property needed a mask, it would be “no clue.”

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in the meantime COVID-19 surges across the US, Many companies that is Request masks from staff and customers -Includes some playing card properties.

According to recommendations posted on the property’s website, some Trump hotels require guests and staff to wear masks indoors.

At the Trump Hotel in Miami, you need to wear a face cover in public. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Keep fighting Maskman date For kids In the swell Florida COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Infection..

“Our Trump International Beach Resort team understands the serious risks associated with the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19,” he said. Notification on the hotel website.. “Public spaces require face coverings, always social distances, and limited outlet capacity. These regulations were imposed by both city and county inspectors during unannounced visits. It will be enforced. “

Similarly, at the Trump International Hotel in Waikiki, employees are required to wear face masks at the property and guests are encouraged to wear them as well. Health recommendations It can be found on that website. According to this health and safety plan, guests are also advised on “use of proper masks” and social distance.

“By following guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local and state authorities, we remain vigilant,” he read.

Meanwhile, a staff member at Trump’s Marago Resort in Florida, who couldn’t be named, told insiders by phone that he had “no clue” if guests needed a mask. Earlier this year Local Floridian authorities threatened the resort with a $ 15,000 fine that’s all Maskman date violation After a video of unmasked guests, including Donald Trump Jr., appeared at a New Year’s Eve party.

Face mask requirements do not appear to be consistent across Trump-linked properties. For one thing, the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago no longer requires fully vaccinated guests to wear masks. For each notification on that website.. But like many companies across the United States, the property says guests “still see (its) peers in face masks.”

Las Vegas Trump Hotel News Vaccinated guests and visitors can move around the property without masks.But an unnamed front desk worker said CBS This week, Las Vegas real estate has an indoor mask obligation.

“We have an internal mask obligation-it has been valid for the past few weeks,” the worker told CBS, refusing to be named.

It is unknown when each mask guideline for the property was imposed. It’s also unclear whether hotels linked to other Trumps in New York and Washington DC, or former presidential golf clubs across the country, will also require staff to wear masks.

The Trump organization did not immediately respond to requests for comment from insiders.

Trump Organization’s compliance with local mask mandates has not been adapted in the past Rebellious stance It Donald Trump attacked For wearing a mask..Trump when he was president Refused to wear face coverings for months In public..The most memorable is the former president Removed his mask On the stairs of the White House When he returned from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center After being infected with COVID-19..

The United States is currently in trouble Rapid increase in COVID-19 cases,In particular Infectious delta variant.. Due to the surge in cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended the following: Even if fully vaccinated You need to wear a mask indoors.

At the time of the press, the United States recorded a total of 37,133,674 COVID-19 infections, with 139,872 new cases per day. New York Times COVID Case Tracker..

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