As Governor of Texas, Don Huffins says he will kill property taxes.Why is it not so easy

Former Dallas Senator Don Huffines, who holds a primary election against Republican Governor Greg Abbott, offers some simple slogans.

When the annual invoice expires at the peak of the campaign season, it will draw the attention of homeowners. Eliminate property tax..

Don’t slow down your growth rate. Does not lower the rate. Completely abolish them.

“Texas are tired of renting a house from the government,” Huffins said in a recent interview. He predicted that freeing businesses from property taxes would lead to an economic boom as they invested in more jobs, R & D.

In Huffines’ plan, the state will replace the school’s property tax revenues. Other local governments will get funding through sales taxes and smaller sources of income.

He says it will take 10 years to phase out, with full state funding for public education as the first major step. He promises that the government will not see less money under his plans.

“We are not trying to reduce political fragmentation from our current income,” Huffins said. “We will gradually pull them away from property taxes and replace their income.”

Did you get $ 62 billion?

The range of tasks is breathtaking. Texas has more than 4,100 municipalities. In 2019, they collected a property tax of $ 62.3 billion. This is about the same as the sum of state and local consumption taxes. Huffines sets a strict cap on state spending while eliminating it. Somehow.

Texas Government Financing Primer: Cities can collect a variety of fees, as well as both sales and property taxes. The county is almost entirely dependent on property taxes.. The school district has seen the state provide a slightly larger percentage of its funding in recent years, but it relies heavily on property taxes. School taxes make up the majority of real estate owners’ invoices.

The state government is primarily driven by sales tax, along with oil and gas income. Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, and if it does, it won’t change immediately.

Therefore, abolishing or reducing property tax means a significant increase in sales tax. Most current rates in Texas are 8.25 percent, the legal maximum. Mr Huffins said the exact rate of his plan would be determined later, but he ridiculed the idea that it could be around 20%.

It may not be. But at least the sales tax will probably double. Are you ready to pay for appliances, clothing and furniture? Basically everything you buy except food and medicine?

Please acknowledge this to Huffins. He articulates his belief that sales tax is a more honest taxation.

“It’s fairer. You won’t pay for it unless you buy something,” he said. “Property taxes, whether you have money or not, you have to pay. Companies have to pay it, whether they make money or not.”

Local control, recession risk

But he notes other complications. If the state fully funds the school, how much control will the local elected board have? Mr. Huffins states that the funds will be sent to the district as flexible block grants, but future Congress will be tempted to decide on spending.

In addition, the consumption tax is particularly sensitive to the recession. As the unemployment rate rises, people spend less and the state’s post-recession budget fluctuates significantly.

Take on the incumbent Strong approval rating in his own party It’s a long shot. Abbott has won seven state-wide offices and never gives challengers his rights. For Huffins to get a chance, he must act boldly.

Huffins refreshingly acknowledges that he does not have all the answers and that Congress and voters should have a say. He has a wide range of goals. And he’s far from the first candidate to run a math campaign.

But he suggests that eliminating the best sources of funding for thousands of governments in growing states is a matter of political will that can be implemented without significant budget cuts or painful trade-offs. When doing, Huffins contributes to the irony that plagues our politics.

Governance is difficult. When voters are promised a smooth path, it’s hard to get support for difficult choices just by seeing plans fail or have big downsides.

Texas people are spending too much money Property tax, one of the highest tax rates Nationwide, as Huffins points out. However, in recent years, dozens of school districts have asked voters to approve high tax rates, and almost everything has been successful, including: Fort worth And Arlington.

A better way is to propose a meaningful reform to the real estate appraisal process, or a long-term and steady flow of funds to schools.

But they don’t Fits on the sign Similar to “eliminating property tax”.

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