As legal pressure increases, the story of Trump 2024’s implementation grows

Washington (AP) — Donald Trump called another friendly radio show when asked if he was planning a comeback to the White House: “We need you.” Conservative commentator Dan Bongino told the former president.

Mr. Trump replied, “What are we going to talk about?” “We make you very happy and do the right thing.”

It was a decisive answer, as is often the case with former presidents who have run for decades in the presidential election. However, several people who have spoken to Mr. Trump and his team in the last few weeks have stated that such statements should not be considered useless chat. Instead, they feel a change, as Mr. Trump plans to run as he embarks on a more public stage of his post-presidential post, starting with Saturday’s speech in North Carolina. Act and speak more and more.

At least for now, interest in the next run has led to an unfounded falsehood that Trump was obsessed with trying to overturn last year’s elections and was stolen, with a recount he is convinced of. Sticking to the audit can overturn the results. Recounting confirmed his loss. He also faces the most serious legal threats of his career.

New York prosecutor Convened A special grand jury examining evidence in his commercial criminal investigation — many see signs that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is moving towards prosecution in a two-year extensive investigation.Lump-sum payments, real estate valuations, employee compensation

Mr. Trump has accused the investigation of being “purely political,” suggesting that Mr. Trump’s political stance is evolving, but is concerned that Mr. Trump may come into contact with the law. Claims not to.

“I definitely felt the change that I was willing to focus on what happened,” said Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union near the former president. “It’s a very realistic possibility.” I think it’s sex. “

In addition to legal vulnerability, Mr. Trump will face formidable headwinds. He will run with the legacy of being the only US president to be hit twice. The campaign will almost certainly remember the deadly rebellion he caused at the US Capitol earlier this year. It will potentially drag other Republicans who were trying to revive and overcome violence.

Beyond that, Trump turned 78 at the 2025 presidential inauguration, the same age as Democrat Joe Biden at this year’s presidential inauguration, and several Republicans are already making their own moves. Mr. Trump’s former Vice President, Mike Pence, will visit New Hampshire’s early voting state on Thursday.

Mr. Trump has long been in the media’s attention and hung out on the prospects of a presidential campaign to participate in the conversation. And many maintain his relevance and his position as a Republican kingmaker. At first I ignored Trump’s talk about another run as a tool for, but in a more substantive way to test his political strength, such as holding a rally this summer. There are tentative signs that he plans to follow it. His team will focus on events in Ohio, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia to strengthen mid-term candidates and rejuvenate voters.

Alliance officials say Mr. Trump misses the presidential election and is eager to return to the president, especially as he sees other potential candidates in action. I will. He also feels encouraged by recent developments, including the expulsion of one of his key critics, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, from the leadership position of the House of Representatives. Others see the presidential office as providing a potentially useful legal haven as the investigation into the president and his family business intensifies.

“There are people who have a lasting and lasting interest and encourage him to run in 2024, but he is not in a hurry to make a decision, and he will do it at the right time.” Said Jason Miller, a Trump spokesman.

But some who are on Trump’s path are skeptical that Trump will move forward unless he sees a clear path to victory for fear of being polluted by another loss. ..

So far, Mr. Trump is obsessed with the 2020 presidential election. One of the long-time allies said one of the reasons Mr. Trump didn’t run head-on was because he refused to admit that the election was over. He was somehow president in August. He said he went one step further by giving credibility to the strange conspiracy theory of being able to return to.

There is no constitutional or legal mechanism to return to president unless Trump wins the election again in 2024. Trump’s claim that the previous election was contaminated made his own Judiciary Secretary and Republican election leaders. It was completely rejected by federal and state officials, including. Judges, including a judge appointed by Trump, also dismissed his allegations.

The person who explained his thoughts, like everyone else, talked about personal conversations on condition of anonymity.

As Mr. Trump pushes forward with these unfounded conspiracy theories, Republican state legislators have unprecedented numbers of bills aimed at restricting access to ballot boxes that could affect future elections. The Republican Party argues that the goal is to prevent fraudulent voting, but the Democratic Party argues that this measure aims to undermine the voting rights of the minority.

Despite his defeat, Mr. Trump retains Republican leadership. In a recent Quinnipiac University poll, 66% of Republicans wanted his reelection, but the same number of Americans among all Americans said they didn’t want to be reelected. There was a difference of more than 7 million votes in November last year.

Despite the visit of many candidates, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas, state supporters voting early expect Mr. Trump to be reelected. doing.

Josh Whitehouse, a former member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives who worked for Trump’s campaign and administration, said of the former president, “He is definitely laying the groundwork and drying his dust. I knew there was one and worked for him for a long time. “

Voters will certainly hear the opinions of other candidates, but he said that if he decides to run, the support will eventually be centered around Trump.

“The energy is still there. You can’t duplicate it,” the White House said.

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