As soon as the U.S. military left Afghanistan’s largest air force base, looters rushed in

The plane lands at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

A U.S. Air Force transport plane landed at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan on July 1, 2021. Wakirkosar / Getty Images

  • Bagram, Afghanistan’s largest air force base, was looted within hours of the withdrawal of the United States.

  • Afghan officials said the US military denied this, but the US did not coordinate its withdrawal with them.

  • The looter stole a laptop and a gas cylinder. That is not a good sign for the future of Afghanistan.

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Within hours of the US withdrawal from Bagram, Afghanistan’s largest air force base and long-standing hub of America’s longest war, looters rushed in.

Bagram district manager Dawish Rauffy said the looters stole laptops and gas cylinders from the base. According to the New York Times.

Mr Rauffy said the US withdrawal from the base took place overnight, not in coordination with local authorities.

“Unfortunately, the Americans left without coordination with Bagram district officials and the governor’s office,” Rauffy said. Associated Press reported.. “Currently, our Afghan security forces control both inside and outside the base.”

The looters were “stopped, some arrested, and the rest removed from the base,” Rauffy said.Locals said the looters also stole materials that could be sold as scrap, such as metal and plastic, Stars and Stripes correspondent Jp Lawrence. report..

Bases usually switch between troops when new troops can at least secure boundaries. The easy looting of bases following the withdrawal of the United States is not a good omen for the future of Afghanistan.

Colonel Sonny Leggett, a spokesman for the US-led coalition in Afghanistan, opposed the idea that the US had no contact with local authorities regarding the withdrawal. Legget told the Times that the pullout was “tightly tuned.”

Bagram’s control was taken over by the Afghan army.

The US withdrawal from Bagram took place almost three months after President Joe Biden announced the end of the “eternal war” in Afghanistan.

Biden promised to withdraw all troops by September 11, but about 650 people remain to protect the US embassy in Kabul.

The United States puts Afghanistan in an unstable state, boldly makes the Taliban, Take over the district Nationwide. Due to the complete withdrawal of the United States and repeated defeats or surrenders of Afghan troops Local militia appeared To continue the fight with the Taliban.

U.S. officials say that if an escape base like Bagram becomes a hideout for a group that the country plans to attack the West again, it will either attack terrorist groups or stand up assault troops to capture militants. He warned that he would leave the United States with few options to raise. For example, aircraft carrier-launched fighters need permission to fly over Pakistan on long missions to Afghanistan, with little Loiter flight time to find targets before returning home, and jet malfunctions. Adds the risk of how to evacuate an American pilot who has been shot down.

Earlier this week, General Austin S. Miller, Afghanistan’s Commander-in-Chief of the United States, provided a rigorous assessment of what would happen next to Afghanistan.

“Civil war is certainly a path that can be visualized if it continues its current trajectory, which is a concern for the world,” Miller told reporters.

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