As surfside tolls went up, more victims were named, including two young sisters and their mothers.

Four more victims were identified on Wednesday, pulled from the rubble of the collapse of the Surfside Building. Two of them are children.

The victims are Lucia Guara (10 years old), Emma Guara (4 years old), Anaeri Rodriguez (42 years old) and Andreas Jeannitzpoulos (21 years old).

Sister Guara and her mother, Anaeri Rodriguez, are the last three members of the Guara family who have recovered from the scene. Rodriguez’s husband, Lucia and Emma’s father, Marcus Guara, was found dead on Saturday.

In Facebook photos, Guara and Rodriguez posted dozens of girls’ photos.

The children had hands and a bucket of sand on the beach. They stood in the sea and blew their hair in the wind. They wore pink dresses that matched their vacation on the beaches of Marco Island. They raised the “U” and wore oranges and greens to support the University of Miami, where their father studied economics.

Marcus Guara (52), wife Anaeri Rodriguez (42), two daughters Lucia Guara (10) and Emagara (4) from South Florida died in the collapse of a surfside condo.

Marcus Guara (52), wife Anaeri Rodriguez (42), two daughters Lucia Guara (10) and Emagara (4) from South Florida died in the collapse of a surfside condo.

Marcus Guara was proud of his daughters.

In a Facebook post in November 2020, he wrote about how Lucia asked him to mail a letter to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

She packed the piggy bank savings from her birthday and lost teeth in an envelope because “they need it more than I do”.

“As a dad, my pride was overwhelming, but I knew this gesture wouldn’t end there,” he writes.

For several years, the family attended the St. Joseph Catholic Church, just three blocks from the condo building.

On Sunday, in front of a crowd of about 70 parishioners, Father Juansosa named church members reported by friends and family to be missing in a collapse, including the Guara family, especially during a solemn mass. I did.

Lucia created the First Communion in the church in 2019. Young Emma was baptized there in 2016.

Lucia’s friends gathered near her photo on a memorial wall on Monday night. They hugged, cried, and laughed in a mess of emotions that the children didn’t have to deal with.

“She was tall and very sweet,” Andres Castaneda said on Monday. He straddled the line between hope and full realism and modified the tense to reflect Lucia’s potential to achieve it.

“She is very sweet. Maybe. Maybe.”

Last Wednesday, Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava announced that four victims had been found.By the evening press conference, Levin Cava announced that his two children had recovered.

A total of 6 bodies were recovered on Wednesday. The two have not yet been identified.

The death toll is now 18 years old.. The rescue team continued the difficult task of sifting a pile of debris Wednesday night.

Still there 145 people Missing.

The 12 victims already identified are: Hilda Noriega, 92; Marcus Joseph Guara, 52; Frank Clayman, 55; Michael Altman, 50; Leon Oliwkowicz, 80; Luis Belmudes, 26; Ana Ortiz, 46, Belmudes’ mother; Christina Beatrice Elvira, 74; Stacy Fang, 54,; Anthony Lozano, 83; Gladys Rosano, 79, and Manuel Lafont, 54.

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