As Taliban take over Afghanistan, Ottawa seals record of crisis response, evacuation operations

The federal government has sealed from public records crisis response and evacuation operations in Afghanistan, which the Taliban hijacked last summer, said an official response to the House committee’s report.

“Most of the Canadian government ministries and agencies involved in responding to the crisis in Afghanistan have conducted various internal reviews and lessons learned exercises over the past year,” the government said. Submission on October 6 To the House Select Committee on Afghanistan.

“Due to the confidential nature of some of the work of the Canadian government, we are prohibited from publishing these reviews at this time.”

Submissions came in response to Report for June 2022 In the Commission’s release entitled “Respecting Canada’s Heritage in Afghanistan: Helping to Respond to the Humanitarian Crisis and Keep People Safe,” the MP announced the closure of the embassy on 21 August. questioned the decision of then-Canadian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Reid Sirrs, to flee Kabul. January 15, 2021, when a terrorist group captures the country’s capital.

In response, Saas said in his report that information received on 12 August indicated that “the security of the embassy and all those working within its premises is at risk of attack from the Taliban.” I’ve come to believe,” he said.

Thirds is criticized It is said that he took a leave of absence in mid-July when Taliban terrorists were rampaging across the country, leaving embassy employees in the midst of intimidation. He was later reported to have been on one of only two Canadian military planes to escape Kabul.

Evacuation operations for employees and Afghan refugees took place in the absence of the ambassador, and the last flight of Canadian forces departed Kabul on August 26.

According to a Blacklocks reporter, some military officials told the commission that they were unhappy with the Sirrs’ escape from Afghanistan as 1,250 Canadian citizens and thousands of Afghan allies desperately sought help. He said that he was

“We were the first embassy to depart,” said Maj. Gen. Dean Milner, the last Canadian combat commander in the area. testified on February 14“It was very embarrassing for many of us on earth.”

“It is possible that many more people fled Afghanistan before Kandahar fell and before Kabul fell,” said Maj. Gen. David Fraser, who testified on February 14. simply means military. I could have done more, actually. “

Sirrs was reappointed as Ambassador to Argentina on December 23, 2021.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Toronto.