As the delta surges, four states reach a new pandemic peak with daily COVID-19 cases


COVID patients

Pulmonologist Catherine Wentowski treats patients with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the Ochsner Medical Center in the Diocese of Jefferson, Louisiana, USA, on August 10, 2021. Kathleen Flynn / Reuters

  • Florida, Mississippi, Hawaii, and Oregon have reached new peaks with daily COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

  • Oregon and Hawaii have high vaccination rates and mask obligations, leaving room for ICU.

  • According to the professor, they will never reach the “unstable position” of Florida and Mississippi.

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4 states in the United States record For new COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations in the last few days Data from Johns Hopkins University shows.

Florida Recorded over 151,000 new cases on Friday, Hawaii We have reached 1,167 new infections. Both are the best since the pandemic began in these states. on Monday, Mississippi It recorded the highest number of 7,839 cases in the state and 4,380 cases in Oregon since the pandemic began.

every day Number of hospitalizations The best ever in these four states, data Indicated

However, of the four states, the ones with the highest vaccination rates (Oregon and Hawaii) have more room. Left in ICU, Suggests that the vaccine reduces severe infections.

Peter Chin-Hong, Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, Told CNBC “Although it has been hurt by explosive case rates, it is not always in the same volatile position as Florida and Mississippi due to its high vaccination and masking rates,” Oregon and Hawaii said.

Florida and Mississippi ICUs have a capacity of over 90% and are mostly full of COVID-19 patients. Data from Johns Hopkins University showed. Over 73% of ICUs in Oregon and Hawaii are full, most with non-COVID-19 patients.

In Oregon and Hawaii Conducted mask man date, in the meantime Florida When Mississippi please do not.

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Hawaii and Oregon have fully vaccinated 61.3% and 58% of their population, respectively. According to Johns Hopkins University -Much higher than the national average of 50.8%.

On the other hand, 51.8% of Floridians are fully vaccinated, and Mississippi’s vaccination rate is much lower at 36.1%. The same data shows.

Mississippi Governor Tateives Said at a press conference on Friday “Looking across the country, to some extent, this current wave is an unvaccinated pandemic.”

“Vaccinated people are much less likely to get the virus,” he said.

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