As Trump resumes rallying, Republican strategists are hoping for all the possibilities that he won’t redo the 2020 elections.

Republicans are in turmoil as former President Donald Trump prepares to host another political rally, starting with his appearance in North Carolina this weekend.

Mr. Trump was one of the only Republican candidates to lose in a competitive race that attracted attention in 2020. Won most of the close battle Nationwide, in the US Senate, US House of Representatives so State legislature And Governor election..

However, the party is sticking to Trump as a foreseeable future flag bearer because of his immense popularity in voice appearances. Part of the party. According to a recent Yahoo News / YouGov survey, the majority of Republicans believe in his claim that elections were stolen from him, and he leads the rest of the virtual GOP space. I’m saying In some early polls For the party nomination in 2024.

But that doesn’t mean he’s the Republican’s best representative of the Democratic Party. The 2020 elections suggest the opposite.

Supporters of former President Trump

Former President Donald Trump’s supporters rarely visited his New York City office on March 8 outside Trump Tower. (Andrew Lichtenstein / Corbis via Getty Images)

It’s true that Trump won 74 million votes last fall, but what about American voters who voted for the Republican Party but were too uncomfortable to vote for Joe Biden or the president at all? There were also a million people. These votes were a major reason Biden received 82 million votes. In addition, Trump’s lie barrage on elections became the focus of January’s final vote in Georgia, deciding control of the US Senate, and the Republicans lost a majority of the Senate.

And now, officials and agents whose job is to help the party win the elections have to wait, hoping that Trump will not continue to use the rally to claim that he won the 2020 elections. you can not.

Former South Carolina Republican chairman Katon Dawson said, “If Mr. Trump sticks to the message and has unprecedented campaign discipline, it should be large and for the better. I think. “Yahoo News. If he continues to convey the message and talks about inflation and the current state of the economy, 2022 should be a really good year. “

Mr. Dawson admitted that the word “what if” has a great deal of weight.

“Relive history is not a good political strategy,” Dawson said.

All Republicans who told Yahoo News were singing from the same singing sheet. They wanted President Trump to be able to vote for the Republican Party, while motivating him to easily boomeran and run for the Democratic Party. I avoided talking about fraudulent elections that could be given …

“The midterm elections of a lost party are usually the time to win seats and profit. Donald Trump turned these rallies into a referendum on the Democratic Party of Washington, and the America First agenda is ours. Given what can and can be done to boost the comeback, he could have a very positive impact on regaining the House and Senate. ”New Hampshire-based Trump’s 2016 campaign Senior advisor.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump (Joshua Lot / Getty Images) at a rally in Milwaukee, January 14, 2020

“The key to Mr. Trump’s rally is to support and nominate Republican candidates who may win in the fall of 2010,” said Scott Reed, a veteran Republican election consultant.

“Mr. Trump will also be successful in talking about the future and his many successes as president, and will stop proceeding with proceedings in past elections,” Reed said. “Republicans are really voters. Should be added and returned to designing a conservative agenda for Biden’s tax and spending crowd. “

However, there is no evidence from Mr. Trump’s past actions that he would discipline or try to help the party rather than himself. This week’s report shows The former president’s obsession with past elections, and Strange and failed Efforts to find evidence of fraud by Arizona right-wing activists.

Also, This week’s report The idea — I have to say — is totally ridiculous to believe that Trump will actually return to the president this summer.

Former South Carolina Republican Chairman Dawson said it may not be important for Trump whether the Republicans will regain the majority of the House and Senate in the 2022 elections. Democrats are now mostly in both Houses. Although it accounts for the majority, Trump repeats, Many Parliamentary Republican After leaving the company.

But Dawson continues to have hope. He said Trump “probably isn’t trying to chase as many Republicans as he said in revenge, and probably focuses on winning the hearts of supporters rather than winning in the House of Representatives. Let’s. He already has them. “

Dawson said:

“It’s important for the president to understand that his legacy is at stake here,” said Bill Palatucci, one of New Jersey’s three Republican National Committee members. ..

Bill Palatucci

Bill Palatucci, a member of the Republican National Committee in New Jersey. (Stacy Tucker / AP)

“Some of the achievements he has made during his tenure, most importantly, to create these vaccines that have proven to be very effective.”

Palatucci Was a frank critic After the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, Trump instigated supporters to suspend the recognition of the 2020 elections.

But in an interview, Palatucci said, “We should acknowledge his popularity on bass.”

“I don’t deny it, and I don’t deny that it poses a challenge to the party,” Palatucci said. “I just want him and the party to be able to walk and chew gum, be popular with most of the bases, and be constructive for the party in 2022.”

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s aide, Palatucci, also believes Trump is very popular, accounting for only about 25% of the Republicans, in light of poll data and the results of recent by-elections. He said he was.

“I wonder how much strangulation he has,” he said.


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