Ashley Judd says people are ‘horribly ugly’ about weight gain after mom’s death

Ashley Judd says she’s gained weight since her mother, country music legend Naomi Judd. died Earlier this year, she didn’t care about her body changes or people’s comments.

Judd, who shattered her leg in the meantime visit the Congo In 2021, she has since dealt with a variety of health issues, including another leg injury.

“I actually had another fracture over the summer, but I hadn’t told anyone about it until now,” she said. told Dr. Jonathan FlintProfessor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA.

“I had a condylar fracture in my femur but it was unrelated, just a freak accident. Then I gained weight because of my mom and everything else. I think people talk about it But I know it’s a temporary state so I don’t care, it’s not my job what people think of me so it comes off when it’s supposed to.

Judd’s sister Wynonna touring solo After her mother’s death, Ashley Judd was on hand and urged people to notice her weight gain. rice field.

“This is what I experienced as a 54 year old woman and I posted some pics on Instagram at my sister’s concert and I’m sure there are people who are terribly ugly about it. That’s my job.” not,” she said.

“I have healthy boundaries about that… but you were once a 54-year-old trying to be a super-healthy woman and gaining weight.”

Judd, who insisted on her family’s privacy In the wake of her mother’s death, she said her recent foot injury healed quickly, but it also gave her time to mourn the loss of her mother.

Ashley Judd and Naomi Judd (Barry King / FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Ashley Judd and Naomi Judd (Barry King / FilmMagic via Getty Images)

“It healed over the course of two months,” she said. “That was it. Clumsiness is associated with grief. After her mother died, there were other people in our family who fell down the stairs and had accidents. That’s exactly mine.” was.”

“It really allowed me to grieve,” she added.

Wynonna Judd said the tour made her sad.

“I’m somewhere between hell and Hallelujah,” she said. said today earlier this week after being asked how she was feeling.

“These shows heal me, one show at a time. All my friends come. It’s like the best party you can throw yourself at the end. I feel like I’m there, and my fans are watching me and cheering me on because they grew up with me.”

She also said that she and Ashley have a connection in the wake of their mother’s death.

“Well, when I was orphaned, I looked really hard at my surroundings and was like, ‘OK. rice field. Said earlier this week today with Hoda and Jenna“So get your back out there and push. We love each other. And show up for each other.”

“We disagree on many things, but we agree to support and disagree with each other,” she added. Now we have each other.

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