Asian-American CNN producer and lawyer said he was zippered by Minnesota police and asked if he could speak English.

& Lt; p & gt; Minnesota police have been accused of physically attacking reporters for reporting Daunte Wright's protests & lt; / p & gt; (AP)

Minnesota police have been accused of physically attacking reporters for reporting Daunte Wright’s protests.


Minnesota police illegally arrested, manually handled, and humiliated. CNN Producer while she covers Dantelite Protest, said a lawyer representing her and other journalists.

According to lawyer Reita Walker, Carolyn Son was in the press during a demonstration on April 13 against Mr. Wright’s shooting when police ordered the crowd to disband.

“When Son tried to leave the area as directed, the soldiers grabbed Son with his backpack and threw it to the ground, zipping his hands behind his back,” Ms. Walker wrote. letter To the governor Tim Walz.. “Even though Son recognized himself as a member of the press and repeatedly heard the cable ties tell the soldiers that they were too tight on their wrists, one soldier asked Son,” Can you speak English? ” Shouted out.

Asian-American Son speaks English fluently.

According to Ms. Walker, this was just the beginning of Ms. Son’s trials. She was then transferred to prison, where she was ordered to put her hands on Son’s trousers and bra, fingerprint her, electronically scan her body, and take off her orange uniform. I was struck by a policeman and searched. “

Son spent more than two hours in prison before the lawyer released her.

This was just one of the few accounts mentioned in the letter Minnesota Police abusing journalists in recent protests. He also talked about a variety of incidents, including spraying reporters with “chemical stimulants,” working on photojournalist, and hitting another photographer on the face.

On April 17, after a meeting between Ms. Walker and other media outlets, Governor Waltz said she was working to resolve the issue.

“Journalist must be allowed to safely cover protests and public anxiety,” Waltz said. Written on twitter.. “I instructed law enforcement partners to make changes to prevent journalists from facing barriers to their work.”

Others have expressed anger at violence.

“This is horrifying,” said a human rights lawyer. Kasim Rashid I said about Mr. Son’s case. “@GovTimWalz needs to fix this right away. Why isn’t the police liable?”

“Anxiety is not an excuse for violating the First Amendment,” another tweet.CNN journalist, Reliable source of information host Brian Stelter..

On Friday, the federal judge Temporary suppression order Minnesota police are prohibited from arresting journalists or using force against journalists.

After the order, Minnesota Patrol defended the act and even denied arresting journalists.

“The journalist was detained and released during enforcement after providing his credentials, but the journalist was not arrested,” police said. statement.. “The Minnesota Patrol (MSP) respects and will continue to respect the media’s right to report protests.”

Minnesota Department of Public Safety did not respond immediately IndependentRequest for comment.

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