Asian families are afraid of racial targeting after multiple shots are fired at their home in Metro Atlanta

Asian-American families are afraid of their lives, believing that they were racially targeted after being shot at their home in the Metro, Atlanta.

Homeowners Nikki and Johnny Han explained how someone started shooting home last Saturday night in a quiet dead end at Magnolia Place in Lawrenceville. 11 Alive..

“It sounded like someone dropped a large glass bowl on the floor, and it was … like pow, pow, pow!” Nikki said.

The couple were at home with their four children when they noticed they were hearing the gunshots and immediately called the police. CBS46..

Nikki told his family to get off when a bullet flew through the walls of the house and hit the roof, windows, and parts of the children’s room. Police officers arriving at the scene found several shell casings outside the family’s home.

“If it went in one direction, it would have hit another person. If it went in the opposite direction, it might have hit another person, and it would have been catastrophic. , God has protected us. ” Johnny said.

Hang is grateful that no one was hurt, but was afraid that someone might have chosen a home because of his race.

The family who moved to the area two months ago is the only Asian household in the dead end and one of the few Asian families in the entire neighborhood.

“They were scared because they didn’t know the motive behind this.” Nikki added. “What if someone is waiting for us?”

Neighbors witnessed what the light-off looked like a Black Mustang pulled up across the victim’s house, officials said.

At the request of the authorities, neither the couple nor the children could think of anyone who wanted to harm them.

Several neighbors who have lived in the area for over 20 years told Johnny that the Hang family situation had happened for the first time.

“Suddenly we moved here for two months, but was the house shot after that? Then I … have to be racially motivated.” Johnny said. “No one needs to live this way, fearing that someone is trying to kill you.”

Authorities are investigating the case. According to Gwinnett County Police, it is necessary to identify evidence that the family was “specifically targeted” before becoming a hate climb.

If you have any information, please call Crime Stopper 404-577-TIPS (8477).

Featured image via 11 Alive

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