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“Today we can breathe again.”

Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office / Getty Minneapolis — Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder after kneeling over George Floyd for more than nine minutes and spurring a global race reputation. After about 10 hours of deliberation, in court in Judge Henepin County, Shovin was guilty of two murders, three murders, and two manslaughter due to the death of an unarmed black man after his arrest on May 25, 2020. Was guilty of. The neck when he shouted for help. Twelve juries quarantined and deliberated at a nearby hotel did not ask the court any questions. “We don’t call today’s verdict justice because justice means true recovery, but it’s accountability, the first step towards justice,” Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said on Tuesday. It was. “It was a problem because George Floyd was a human being.” When Judge Peter Carhill read the conviction, Chauvin lost his emotions and took him from a defense table with most of his face covered in a blue mask. I stared at it. Chauvin’s lawyer reportedly tried to speak to his client, but he was “engaged.” At one point, a former officer looked back at his chair and glanced at Floyd’s brother, Philonis, who was visibly shaking during the hearing. Chauvin was handcuffed and taken out of court and is currently facing up to 40 years in prison. His decision will be made within two months. President Biden and Vice President Harris called the Floyd family after the GUILTY verdict. Thanks for the support of @ POTUS & @ VP! We hope you can count on us for the police reforms we need in the United States! ✊🏾 cg4V2D5tlI— Ben Crump (@AttorneyCrump) April 20, 2021 Convicted cheers outside Hennepin County Government Center and George Floyd Square in Minneapolis, where dozens of people had previously gathered I was greeted by raising it. Monumental announcement. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris also supported the jury’s decision and called on the Floyd family to congratulate them. At a press conference on Tuesday, Biden insisted that “no one should go beyond the law and today’s verdict sends that message, but that’s not enough.” A world to see systematic racism … the dirt of the soul of our country, “said Biden. While the speakers passed through the loudspeakers, a large number of people near the Hennepin County Courthouse moved to the streets, seeking continued justice. It looked like a celebration of the whole city, and some people burned it on the sidewalk. Half a dozen law enforcement and National Guard members overlooked the square from the balcony of a highly fortified block in downtown Minneapolis. A resident of Minneapolis, he told The Daily Beast after admitting that the conviction was still “unrealistic.” “I’m seeing the celebration, but it’s not sinking yet … but I feel that black life today is important. Cherise Brown of Minneapolis feels the Verdict is good for The Daily Beast But when Chauvin was sentenced, he said, “it will be much better.” Despite the victory, Brown said she was still afraid of the safety of her 27-year-old black son. Alexis Kramer, who lives in Maplewood, believes the jury “chosen to do the right thing,” but wants to see continuous systematic changes, so the verdict is a mixed sentiment. Admitted to bring. The Daily Beast. “It’s sad that we had to do all the riots and looting to get them to actually listen.” Conviction celebrations also took place in other cities across the country. After 6 pm, around Barclays Center in New York City, there were about 200 people wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts and listening to the organizer’s speech. Spike Lee appeared on a bicycle in a purple tie-dyed outfit and took pictures with children and activists. Mayor candidate Maya Wily gave a brief speech. A few blocks from the Barclays Center, the news of the verdict was blooming on the street. In a less organized way, people stick their heads out of Bodegas, talk to their neighbors, and actively chat with strangers about verdicts. “We’re okay with that because the verdict has gone down, but we still need more changes. There’s still a lot to do, but if we get it [guilty verdict] That way, you can get more, “said the 49-year-old bishop. I don’t want to be here, but I know it’s important to be here. Sure, they convicted the man, but I’m still upset. I’ve been feeling F’d ever since I saw the movie George Floyd kneeling on his neck. “I can hardly speak now, but I am grateful to all the allies here tonight,” said Joseph Selman, a member of Black Lives Matter New York. , Brings energy to the Black Lives Matter movement and a new scrutiny of black death by police. The ruling is the number of white police officers on the outskirts of Minneapolis at the Brooklyn Center deadly shooting a 20-year-old Dantelite, a black man who allegedly accidentally fired her service weapon instead of a taser during a traffic outage. It happens a day later. Philonise Floyd said at a press conference after the jury’s decision was announced, Wright’s death caused occasional fierce protests in a city already on the edge, with hundreds of inhabitants going out to the streets. Another brother, Terence Floyd, added: This is monumental. See: George Floyd’s family responds to Derek Chauvin’s conviction for all three counts of George Floyd’s death.— ABC News (@ABC) April 20, 2021 Ben Crump, a civil rights lawyer representing Floyd’s family, gives a “clear message.” He said he would send it and celebrated the verdict. Painful justice has arrived for George Floyd’s family and the community here in Minneapolis, but today’s verdict goes far beyond the city and has significant implications not only for the country but for the world as well. Black American justice is all-American justice, “Crump said in a statement. “This case is a turning point in American history of law enforcement accountability.” Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz predicted potential anxiety prior to the ruling and was urgent in peacetime in seven counties of the state. I declared the situation. Minnesota National Guard has joined local law enforcement agencies to protect the courthouse, surrounded by wire mesh fences and concrete barriers. Prosecutors said Floyd died because of Chauvin’s “too small heart.” In a four-week watershed trial, prosecutors claimed that 45-year-old Chauvin “betrayed” the badge when Chauvin ignored dozens of Floyd’s charges when he knelt down. A total of “9 minutes 29 seconds” on his neck. Chauvin’s defense argued that the former police officer was only doing what other “reasonable police officers” were doing during the “dynamic” arrest. “George Floyd didn’t have to die that day. He shouldn’t have died that day. But because of the fact that the defendant didn’t get up and decided not to give up, George Floyd died,” prosecutor Steve Steve said. Schleicher told a jury in Hennepin County Court during closing arguments on Monday. I just didn’t listen, “he said,” I chose pride over policing. ” Schleicher reiterated that Floyd was unable to breathe 27 times in the first 4 minutes and 45 seconds of his arrest, but Chauvin all said he “ridiculed him” and “needs a lot of oxygen to complain.” ” I knew it well. He didn’t do it well.what [Chauvin] It’s not policing.what [Chauvin] It was an assault, “the prosecutor added. “His badge wasn’t in the right place that day. He wasn’t tried on who he was. To point out that, the prosecutor said a former police officer was on the department’s protocol. He called some of Chauvin’s former classmates, including Minneapolis police chief Medalia Aradondo, who claimed to be “absolutely” in breach. Three medical experts also testified that Floyd died of hypoxia due to the actions of police officers in arrest. Floyd can repeatedly hear intestinal-hurting videos asking for help, calling his mother and saying he can’t breathe. Veteran policeman Chaubin who killed Dante Wright, who was charged with two slaughter. Attorney Eric Nelson provided his own story to the jury. Nelson, along with seven witnesses, Floyd’s death could have been caused by several other factors, including carbon monoxide poisoning and a history of substance use, not necessarily a strong knee restraint for the client. Insisted. At least two law enforcement officers who assisted the Minneapolis police at the time of Floyd’s arrest testified that the crowd surrounding the police officers was “very aggressive.” Nelson insisted in the closing discussions on Monday. “These are officers working in very stressful situations. It’s tragic. Nelson urged the jury to see the” whole “of Floyd’s arrest. Chauvin held his knees around Floyd’s neck in more than nine minutes. He also said that several factors could have contributed to Floyd’s death, Chauvin was distracted while dealing with rising anger from bystanders, and Floyd held his breath. He claimed he didn’t notice it. Someone can comply for one second and fight the next second, “Nelson said. “Executives are people who can make mistakes in very stressful situations.” The other three officers involved in the arrest (Tou Thao, Thomas K. Lane, and J. Alexander Kueng) were second. He will be tried in August for help and betting. -One murder while committing a felony, promoting and assisting two manslaughter charges with manslaughter. Read more at The Daily Beast. Do you have any hints? Send it to The Daily Beast here. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.