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Biden admin finally begins reintegrating family β€” slowly but hopefully

The day after the Christopher Rogel Blanket / Getty Trump administration first forced thousands of undocumented parents away from their children and then discouraged others from seeking asylum, the Department of Homeland Security Has begun reunification of families torn by policy. 4 families To be precise, dozens more are expected in the coming weeks. The slow pace of undoing the damage caused by the Trump administration to an estimated 5,500 families since the first “zero tolerance” has frustrated those who have been working on family reunification. .. Proponents warn that it may take years to reunite parents and children separated by policy, and could join the growing crush of undocumented people trying to enter the United States by other means There is sex. The Biden administration announced in February that it had created a task force. He is responsible for the reunion of separated families under “zero tolerance” and other Trump era initiatives aimed at discouraging immigrants from coming to the United States. On Monday, the administration announced that the first four families would reunite on American lands later this week-out of more than 1,000 people still separated. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas advised on Monday for family and foreign partners to deal with the cruel separation of children from their parents by the previous administration. “Today is just the beginning. We will reunite the first group of families and more families will follow, and we will give these families the stability and resources they need to heal. Recognizing the importance of providing. The government is working on reunion of hundreds more families “in the near future,” and supporters have told Daily Beast that the reunion is slow and after reunion. Uncertainty about the fate of his family was very annoying. Regarding refugee admission after anger, “The families represented by SPLC have reunited, but they are still waiting for government relief. Marion Steinfels, a spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said in 2017. Since the policy was first implemented in, it has represented families affected by “zero tolerance”. Children in particular have an incredibly traumatic experience and need counseling … there seems to be little action yet to give them help and justice. Between 2017 and 2018, about 5,500 immigrant families were separated by the Trump administration. Criminal charges against all adults who illegally crossed the US-Mexico border, separated under the infamous “Zero Tolerance” program designed to prevent other immigrant families from seeking asylum in the United States, It wasn’t just “zero tolerance” that separated the immigrant families from the children who accompanied them on the journey. Others were separated after the Department of Homeland Security completed a family case management program that kept asylum-seeking mothers away from detention. This was a decision before “zero tolerance”. More people were separated from their children after legally appearing at the port of entry to seek asylum. Even after the Trump administration was ordered by a federal judge to stop the practice, the government estimated that nearly 250 more children had been removed from their families, most of whom refused to record their parents’ locations or destinations. .. Main Reasons According to people working to revoke the policy, delays keep a record of where the parents were sent after the parents were transferred after leaving the child, or how to contact them later. Rooted in a clear indifference to what to do. Proponents told The Daily Beast that there was no functional system for tracking parents after deportation, which means that Biden’s task force often starts from scratch. “One of the biggest challenges to date is the terrible record-keeping of Trump administration officials.” Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), one of the non-profit organizations that has been working on the reunion of separated families under the Trump administration. )’S President and CEO, Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, said: I just thought about how they would meet again later. This was not considered an interim effort. The ultimate goal was family separation. The small records that existed were completely separated because the information technology systems used by the US Customs and Border Protection, the US Immigration and Customs Department, and the Department of Health and Human Services were not integrated, Vignarajah said. Non-governmental organizations and legal advocates had to fight protracted court battles for years to force unwilling governments to share their data. β€œIt’s much more complicated to find them and eventually get in touch with them.” Organizations working on family reunions, from large radio campaigns to door-to-door searches for missing parents, in the meantime. I had to rely on extreme lengths to find my family. “They have researchers appointed to the courts who ride motorbikes through rural communities on the hills of Guatemala and appear in courts in Honduras to investigate public records,” said Vinalaja. Stated. In an effort to reunite the immigrant family. Lee Gelernt, Deputy Director of the ACLU Immigration Project, said the administration’s approach addresses the government’s obligations to families affected by Trump’s policies and is extensible so that it can be applied to hundreds of families in the future. We believe that the purpose was to create an integration process. “If they had only four families, did they just accept them? Yes. Even if they had 30 families, they might have found a way to accept them sooner,” Gelert said. Stated. “But I think what they wanted was to find a process that even this first family tranche could replicate on a very large scale.” Within these obligations, government funding and travel. There is logistical support for. Provides parole approval if a family member is convicted of illegal entry, a potential route to legal status in the United States, and potential compensatory damages for harm caused by the Trump administration. Offers. However, tracking parents is still a high hurdle to clear. In the years since the policy was first enacted, parents may have made it even harder to find them by moving, seeking asylum in another country, or repeatedly trekking to the United States. This process is made even more difficult by the fact that many of the affected parents live in remote communities with poor mobile and internet access and have a legitimate distrust of the U.S. government. .. In the most cruel words, parents taken away from their children, “said Sergio Gonzalez, secretary-general of the advocacy group’s immigration hub and former adviser to Vice President Kamala Harris on immigration issues. “It will definitely affect … it will affect the willingness of parents, the willingness of these families to work with the US government, as it is the last memory of the US government.” Extra personnel from the Task Force Help Door-to-Two Door Search in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, the three most affected countries of the family separation crisis. But after nearly three years, some parents are willing to wait another six months for the U.S. government to reorganize their unification, and instead try their luck by illegally returning to the U.S. and dying. There is growing concern about this. LIRS spokesman Tim Young said, “I’m at risk again to reunite with my child.” “You’re talking about your child.” After years of successful legal battles with the Trump administration over family separation, Gerelnt was able to embark on a family reunification with the Biden administration a few months ago. He said he wanted to do that. He is confident that the pace will increase if the first “test run” of the reintegration is successful. “If things go wrong, I would say so first and wouldn’t hesitate to blame the administration, but for now my feelings we are making progress,” said Gelernt. .. Find out more at The Daily Beast. Get top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.