Assault-style rifle and “Battlebelt” suspect kill two people and injure three police officers in Texas


With a man with an assault-style rifleBattle beltFired in the town of Texas late Saturday.

Unidentified shooters later died of self-harm gunshot wounds, officials said. However, police ordered locals in the neighborhood of Haltom City in the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area to stay indoors during the chaotic scene while searching for him.

Officers ordered people to leave the area to get together and find out what the turmoil was. Dallas Morning News..

It says “Please leave”Active shooting game in the area“The officer said. “He is armed. Please leave for safety. He has already shot multiple people,” he warned.

An unidentified man was found dead on the driveway of the house where the shooter first fired, and a woman was found dead inside, police officials said at a news conference. Another woman who called the police was also shot. Her injury was not life-threatening.

All three shot officers were expected to recover.

The motive for the shooting was unknown as of late Saturday night.

The archer was also found with a pistol. His “battle belt” held other unspecified tactical equipment.

Texas Rangers under investigation..

In related Texas mass shooting news, a 19-year-old San Antonio resident was arrested earlier in the week and threatened with terrorism related to a planned attack on an Amazon delivery station in the city where he is an employee. Was charged with committing a crime.

According to preliminary reports from San Antonio police, the AR-15 rifle was confiscated where Rodolfo Baldivia Ace was arrested.

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