Astros Siri’s post, blasphemous tweets after praising HR removed

Houston (AP) —The day after Houston outfielder Jose Siri called Celebration of his bat flip home run He seems to have turned back on Wednesday with a blasphemous tweet that was later deleted in response to the New York Mets’ “error.”

Although not dealing directly with the case, Siri’s tweet states: enjoy. “It was removed immediately before the match on Wednesday.

Houston climbed 7-2 in the eighth inning against Mets on Tuesday, and Siri recorded a 0-10 slump on the track above the left fielder of Minute Maid Park with Solohomer. He flipped the bat and praised the shot for a few seconds before stepping into first baseman, sequence manager Dusty Baker wasn’t happy.

“He should have run,” Baker said after the match. “In our time, the next man would have been excavated.”

Siri was asked about the post-match incident and looked contemptuous.

“I know I made a mistake there. I talked to some people, but I just made a mistake,” Siri said in an interpreter Tuesday night.

Siri declined the interview request after Houston won 5-3 on Wednesday, but Baker dealt with it.

“It’s a thing of the past. It can’t be helped when people tweet. Be careful when you press that button. That’s what you were warned about in your spring training. Make sure it’s what you want. Please. That’s what you say when you press the button. “

He was then asked if Siri faced any discipline against the tweet.

“Since then, I haven’t heard anything about it. It’s part of America and part of youth so far, so I’m glad I don’t pay attention to it or stick to it. increase.”

New York third baseman Eduardo Escobar said something to Siri when he rolled third base after Homer and Catcher. Martin Maldonado talked to Escobar for quite some time When Escobar came to the bat in the 9th inning.

Siri said he didn’t know what Escobar said to him.

“I really didn’t hear anything. I was just running,” he said.

Buck Showalter, the Mets manager, said some of his players were angry with Siri’s actions, but many of them weren’t upset.

“What you’re talking about can be right or wrong, but I don’t want to impose (on them) the way I grew up in the game,” Shaw Alter said. You should be angry with it. “”

Showalter added that player teammates will often crack down on such things, but there is one surefire way to prevent it.

“The way to prevent that from happening is to prevent him from hitting the ball over the fence,” said Shawalter.


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