At a Texas rally, Trump recited the lyrics of a 1960s R & B hit to warn immigrants. It was written by a black civil rights activist who was a member of the Communist Party.

Donald Trump Rally

Phoenix, Arizona-July 24: Former US President Donald Trump attends the “Rally to Defend the Elections” meeting in Phoenix, Arizona on July 24, 2021. The Phoenix-based political organization, Turning Point Action, has welcomed former President Donald Trump alongside GOP Arizona, who has begun running for a government-elected role.Brandon Bell / Getty Images

  • Trump used Al Wilson’s song in 1968 to compare immigrants to the icy snakes that bite rescuers.

  • Trump quoted the lyrics of “The Snake” at a rally through the first campaign of the presidential election.

  • Wilson’s family said the singer was likely to disagree with the use of Trump’s songs.

Former President Donald Trump uses “snakes” again to raise sentiment against immigrants Rally Saturday in Conroe, Texas.

The crowd was applauded after asking if they wanted to hear the song that Trump called poetry.

The 1968 soul hit sung by black Al Wilson is about a “gentle woman” who saw and adopted a “poor half-frozen snake.”

The woman “wraps him all in a cozy wrap of silk” and “puts him by the fireplace with honey and milk.”

When the woman returned, the snake was “resurrected,” but “instead of thanking her, the snake gave her a vicious bite (oh),” the lyrics continue.

When the woman cried and asked why she bit the snake, the snake replied that she knew he was a snake before taking him.

“And that’s what’s happening in the United States with immigrants,” Trump said. “I think it’s pretty accurate, do you agree?”

Trump recited the song at multiple rallies, using the snake as a metaphor for immigrants, through his first bid to the president.

In 2016, Wilson’s daughter, Alene Wilson-Harris, told Business Insider Allan Smith: She is not sure if her father is “eye-to-eye” with Trump and his song usage.

“I think he would have had, at least some gratitude for the fact that his music is being valued by Trump for his use of songs, but some in my dad’s life. May have happened. An interesting perspective on how he needs to work [the song] “And some of the Trump platforms,” ​​she said.

The song was written by African-American activist and musician Oscar Brown Jr. PBS report.

His daughter Maggie Brown told PBS that Trump was really relieved to quote the song to Wilson, “disliked his idea of ​​creating such a platform using Oscar’s words. I added.

“Wait until the Republicans find out that he is quoting a former black nationalist and a former Communist Party member,” she said.

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