At least 17 people died after an explosion in Ghana’s mining area

At least 17 people were killed and scores were injured when a truck carrying explosives collided with a motorcycle in a gold mine in western Accra-Ghana, causing an explosion that flattened the local community, the government said Friday. ..

When rescue teams investigated the scene for survivors, a video posted in local media showed hundreds of buildings turned into piles of wood, rubble, and twisted metal, and corpses on the ground surrounded by debris. Showed to be crumpled.

A photo shared by a local politician shows a crater yawning at the epicenter of the blast, with spectators looking down from that edge.

About 500 buildings have been destroyed and rescue operations are still underway, said Seji Saji Amednu, deputy director of the National Disaster Management Agency.

The blast broke out on Thursday in Apiate, a settlement between the towns of Bogoso and Bodi. A motorcycle fell on a truck owned by a company called Maxam, which was transporting explosives to a Tyranno gold mine operated by Toronto-based Kinross Gold Corporation. The police said.

Kinros confirmed the incident and said he was monitoring the situation and rescue operations. I wasn’t able to ask Maxam for comment.

The Ministry of Land, Natural Resources and Resources is investigating the cause of the explosion and whether the companies involved are complying with regulations on the transportation of explosives, he said in a statement.

Survivors in crisis have been evacuated to medical facilities in the capital, Accra, according to the government.

By Cooper Inveen and Christian Akorlie