At least 20 people were killed in a Kenyan flood that swept a bus

Nairobi — At least 20 people were drowned on Saturday when a bus carrying a group of religious believers was flooded as a driver tried to cross a river in eastern Kenya, Kitui, the governor said. ..

Many parts of East African countries have had heavy rainfall in the past week. At least 17 people were rescued after the bus was washed away on the Enjiu River, according to Governor Charity Ngilu.

“This afternoon’s tragedy struck Kitui County,” she said. I wrote on TwitterHe added that the rescue operation was carried out by the Kenyan Red Cross and security agency officials.

A yellow bus was shown in the video broadcast on the local Citizen TV. On the side was a brand indicating that he belonged to a local seminary, running towards a swollen river while a crowd of locals watched.

After that, the bus is seen disappearing into the sea on the way, causing desperate mourning among the onlookers.

By Duncan Miriri and Humphrey Malalo.

Associated Press