At least 27 people died in fire at Baghdad Hospital for COVID patients: medical sources

Baghdad, Iraq — A hospital equipped to accommodate COVID-19 patients in southeastern Baghdad, at least 27 people were killed and 46 were injured in a fire on Saturday, medical sources at three nearby hospitals said. It was.

A fire at Ibn Katib Hospital in the Iraqi capital Diyala Bridge area broke out after the accident caused an oxygen cylinder to explode, sources said.

Many ambulances were rushing to the hospital, carrying away fire-injured ambulances, according to a nearby Reuters photographer.

Patients who were not injured in the incident were also transferred from the hospital, medical personnel said.

Iraq’s civil defense director said a fire broke out on the floor designated as the lung intensive care unit, and 90 out of 120 people were rescued from the hospital, state news agency INA said.

Maj. Gen. Kadim Bohan added that the fire was extinguished.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadimi ordered an investigation into the case early on Sunday.

“Since such an incident is evidence of negligence, I immediately began an investigation and detained with all involved until the hospital administrator and security and maintenance officer were accused of identifying the negligence. I instructed you to do it. “

The families of several victims were still in the hospital after the fire was extinguished, but could not find them elsewhere.

Witnesses visiting his brother when the fire broke out explained that the fire caused by the explosion of the oxygen cylinder spread rapidly throughout the unit containing COVID-19 patients.

The patient’s relatives scrambled to save their loved ones.

“At first there was an explosion … the fire spread like fuel,” said one relative of the patient who was there at the time of the explosion.

“Smoke reached my brother. My brother is sick, I took him down the street. Then I came (back) … on the last floor, it didn’t burn. Choking I found a girl who was suffocating at about 19 years old and is about to die. “

“I ran with her on my shoulder. People were jumping … The doctor fell into the car. Everyone was jumping. And I kept climbing from there, acquiring people, I came down again. “

Iraq’s health care system, which has already been ruined by decades of sanctions, war and negligence, has been stretched during the coronavirus crisis.

The total number of people infected with COVID-19 in Iraq is 102,5288, including 15,217 dead, the Ministry of Health said on Saturday.

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