At least 30 civilians killed in Russian convoy attack, Ukraine says

ZAPORIZHIA, UKRAINE – At least 30 civilians were killed and almost 100 wounded in what Kyiv said was ironic in a Russian missile attack on a convoy of civilian vehicles in southern Ukraine on Friday. .

The convoy had gathered at a car market on the outskirts of the city of Zaporizhia and was preparing to leave Ukrainian-held Ukrainian territory, visit relatives and deliver supplies to Russian-occupied territories, officials said. Told.

“The enemy started today with a deliberate and perfectly calculated killing of Ukrainians … the Russian military knew where the missiles would hit,” President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video speech, adding the latest casualties showed a number.

“This was done by non-humans…they will surely answer before the law.”

Eyewitnesses to Reuters said the car’s windows were blown off by the impact of the missile strike and debris splattered the sides.

The attack came hours before President Vladimir Putin declared Russian control over Zaporizhia and three other provinces occupied by Moscow.

The authorities then held a concert on Red Square in central Moscow to mark the occasion.

“They sang in the square and talked about Zaporizhzhya, when they themselves did this in Zaporizhzhya. They are not human,” said Zelensky.

Russia denies intentionally targeting civilians. Vladimir Rogov, a senior official in the Russian-installed regime in the Zaporizhia region, blamed the attack on Ukrainian forces.