At least 34 migrants were killed as the boat capsized off the coast of Djibouti, IOM said.

The bodies of migrants suspected of dying after the boat capsized are seen to have been placed after being recovered off the coast of Djibouti on April 12, 2021. (International immigration / distribution organization via Reuters)

At least 34 people were drowned when a boat carrying migrants from Nairobi-Yemen capsized off the coast of Djibouti, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Monday.

The boat, which was controlled by smugglers, is believed to have carried 60 passengers, IOM said in a Twitter feed without providing details such as when the incident occurred.

Drowning has become common off the coast of Djibouti and usually involves migrants from Ethiopia and Somalia seeking jobs in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to escape poverty and war at home.

This includes immigrant candidates who, after failing to invade Saudi Arabia, were sometimes stuck in Yemen due to COVID-19 restrictions and drowned at the return crossroads.

Duncan Milliri