At least four Florida school districts defy DeSantis by imposing mask obligations


NSDespite Governor Ron DeSantis’ executive order, at least four school districts in Florida impose mandatory mask policies, even though parents are allowed to ignore school mask directives. I am.

The governor on Thursday informed them that he was watching and ready to raid, especially with a temporary masked order in a district.

“In Florida, it’s a parent’s choice, and the government can’t invalidate it, so we believe parents have a choice,” DeSantis said at a press conference in Tallahassee. “And we clearly have an executive order to that effect.”

DeSantis Executive Order has instructed school board Richard Corcoran to withhold funding from “non-compliant” school boards that impose mask requirements during the school year beginning next week in many districts of Florida. ..

“Forced masking, which hurt students,” DeSantis said before issuing orders last Friday. “The question is, should this be something that parents value at best, or is this the impact on their children?”

After the governor ordered, Gadsden and Broward counties overturned plans to require students to wear masks. But shortly thereafter, the Broward County Board of Education reinstalled the requirements.

“In light of the governor’s executive order, the district is waiting for further guidance before making a decision on mask mandates for the next school year. At this time, the district’s schools and facilities require the use of masks. The face cover policy remains in force, “said the board, saying next week” we will discuss the next steps. “

On Tuesday, the Alachua County Board of Education required students to wear masks for the first two weeks of school until August 20th. Students with “documented medical conditions that prevent them from wearing masks” are exempt. The Board of Directors will reassess on August 17th.

DeSantis called on the Alachua County Board of Education on Thursday. “It’s a parent’s choice. Alachua County can’t invalidate a parent,” he said.

DeSantis spokesman Christina Pushau later stated that DeSantis “has not signed any district plans” but “100% no for Alachua.” They blatantly rebelled against the spirit of the executive order he signed. “

The Duval County Board of Education also agreed on Tuesday to amend the Code of Conduct for students to require them to wear masks, but it does not need to be exempt from medical reasons.

“Students who do not wear masks in accordance with this policy must complete the opt-out procedure provided by their assigned school through their parents or guardians,” the policy states.

Director Rocky Hanna of Leon County sent a letter to DeSantis asking his district to allow a “temporary” maskman date from pre-kindergarten to second grade.

“One size cannot accommodate all 67 counties and 2.6 million students. Just as you uphold Florida sovereignty from federal and executive orders, I am with my community. I have to make a claim on behalf of the children in my school, “Hanna wrote.

The Florida Board of Education (BOE) will meet on Friday to consider emergency rules for the next academic year.

But Senator Gary Farmer, D-Lighthouse Point, page 3 letter To Corcoran on Thursday, under the Administrative Procedure Act of Florida, the Governor “has no legal authority to instruct your department to engage in rulemaking, and your department has this particular I don’t have the authority to do so on the matter. “

Farmer said Desantis’ actions are ripe for legal challenges that the state will lose.

“There is no law that gives your faculty specific authority to engage in the rule-making of mask behavior in schools, so such behavior would violate the law,” he writes. Justification of emergency rules to prevent mandatory masks in schools. “

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