At least our candidates accept defeat

Mexico City (AP) — Senator Ted Cruz accuses Mexico of “weakening the rule of law”, the Mexican government counterattacks on Friday, and at least Mexican candidates are defeated when they lose the election. He said he would admit.

The exchange took place after Texas Republicans claimed that there was “increasing civil insecurity in Mexico, the collapse of civil society, and the collapse of the rule of law.” Cruz mentioned the recent killings of journalists and politicians in Mexico.

In a letter to Cruz on Friday, Mexico’s ambassador to the United States wrote, “Look at what happened in our national elections.”

“Without exceptions, all political parties have embraced the results and have taken on the task of strengthening democracy and freedom of expression,” wrote Ambassador Esteban Moctezma.

This is a clear reference to Senator Cruz’s actions after the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol, with several deaths, hundreds indicted, and millions of dollars shortly thereafter. Physical damage has occurred.

Cruz was one of the few Republican senators who continued to defend the false allegations of former President Donald Trump’s fraudulent vote and the repeated challenge of court refusal after the riots. Mr Cruz voted against the proof of the election results that night, and he said he would never think of the vote again.

Cruz is not a stranger to the controversy involving Mexico.

Cruz was criticized for taking his family to a Mexican resort in Cancun in February 2021. Millions of Texas trembled in unheated homes after harsh winter weather struck his state.

After the spread of his images waiting for a flight to the resort town at Houston Airport, he shortened his trip to Cancun. Millions of Texas people have lost heat and running water, and at least 40 people have died in Texas as a result of the storm. Cruz later said the trip was a mistake.

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador himself does not necessarily accept official results.

When official votes indicate he lost his presidency in 2006-with a much narrower margin than Trump in 2020-he gathered supporters and blocked Mexico City’s main boulevard for weeks. , Held an inauguration ceremony as a “legal president”.

He accepted a clear loss in 2012 and won easily in 2018.

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