At least seven Taliban reportedly killed in the Panjshir battle


At least seven people were killed in a clash with militias in the Panjshir Valley north of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, on Monday night, two members of a major anti-Taliban opposition group said on Tuesday.

Since the fall of Kabul on August 15, Panjshir is the only state to compete with the Taliban, but there are also battles between the Taliban and local militias in the neighboring state of Baghlan.

Fahim Dashti, a spokesman for the National Resistance Army, a group loyal to local leader Ahmad Shah Massoud, said the fighting took place at the western entrance of the valley where the Taliban attacked the NRF’s position.

He repelled an attack that may have been an investigation to test the defense of the valley, with two members of the NRF unit injured while eight Taliban were killed and a similar number were injured. Said it was done.

“Last night, the Taliban attacked Panjshir, but were defeated with seven dead and a few injured,” said Basmala Mohammady, a member of the resistance movement who served as minister under the exiled President Ashraf Ghani. Said in a tweet.

“They withdrew with great casualties.”

It was not immediately possible to ask a Taliban spokesman for comment.

Men prepare for defense against the Taliban
The man is preparing to defend against the Taliban at Panjshir, Afghanistan, on August 22, 2021. (Aamaj News Agency via Reuters)
Anti-Taliban resistance unit
In this still image taken from the video, anti-Taliban resistance forces are walking through the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan on August 25, 2021. (Aamaj News Agency via Reuters)

The son of former anti-Soviet Mujahideen commander Ahmad Shah Masoud, Masoud settled in the Panjshir Valley with the help of thousands of local militias and remnants of the army and special forces.

He demanded a negotiated settlement with the Taliban, but said his troops would resist if their narrow, mountainous states were attacked.

A significant force of Taliban terrorists has been transferred to the region, but both sides have been engaged in negotiations and have avoided fighting.

A festive shootout echoed throughout Kabul on Tuesday as Taliban terrorists ruled the airport after the last U.S. military withdrawal, marking the end of a 20-year war that made Muslim militias stronger than 2001. ..