At least two American citizens arrested for assassination of President Haiti: officials

At least two American citizens have been arrested for assassinating Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise earlier this week, officials said.

Officials said at a news conference that two Haitian Americans allegedly involved in the plot were identified as James Solage, 35, and Joseph Vincent, 55. Said..

All six suspects were filmed sitting in cable tie handcuffs during a press conference. Livestreaming Facebook Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph.

Haiti’s head of national police, Leon Charles, told The Associated Press that law enforcement agencies are looking for eight more suspects.

Solage has been identified as a resident of South Florida, report Local10, quoted family.

Schubert Drisme of Tamarack, Florida, said the outlet Solage was his wife’s nephew and had known him for several years. According to Drisme, Solage often travels to Haiti for charitable activities and visiting his parents.

“My son killed my brother! I don’t believe Solage was involved in the assassination program, but Drisme told the outlet.

Regarding his charity work, he added: That’s why I say maybe someone else used him. “

“That is, we can’t believe it. I love the president … I don’t think. I don’t think he can do these things. I think someone used him. “Drisme said.

According to online records, Solange used to work as a security guard. But his family said the claim he was in the army was not true.

“He has not received military training,” Drisme added. “He wasn’t in the army.”

Joseph said 53-year-old Moise was killed during a “highly coordinated attack by a highly trained and heavily armed group.”Meanwhile, the judge Told the local press The president was shot more than a dozen times.

Thursday, video footage Surfaced online screening A flock of people who captured the two assassins before beating them and dragging them into the streets of the capital, Port-au-Prince. Another video He showed that the suspect had been taken away by police.

“They killed the president! Give them to us! I’m going to burn them!” Exclaimed the mob.

As a result, there was a growing demand for calm on behalf of Leon, who said citizens should not resort to vigilant justice.

“I told them to stop. I need proof,” Leon said. according to In the London Times.

The Epoch Times is seeking comment from the State Department.

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