At some point everyone is likely to need a booster shot


NIAID director Anthony Fauci said “CBS this morning” On Thursday, everyone is likely to need a vaccine booster shot in the future, but except for weakened immunity, “I feel like I don’t need a booster now. I am. “

News promotion: The Food and Drug Administration plans to renew the emergency use authorization for Pfizer and Modana’s coronavirus vaccine as early as Thursday so that immunocompromised people can receive a third dose. NBC News first reported..

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Big picture: Scientists disagree on who should receive booster shots and when, especially many of the world’s population, are still waiting for the first shot. Axios Caitlin Owens Report..

  • At the population level, studies suggest that the vaccine loses some efficacy against mild infections and that people with breakthrough cases can effectively infect the virus. It is causing concern.

What he says: “In some sectors, there are already signs of a decline over time, or durability, “he said.

  • “At this particular point in time, I don’t feel like I need to give a booster right now, except that my immune system is weakened,” he added.

  • Fauci said the data is being tracked “literally weekly and monthly” to determine how protection levels are declining.

Conclusion: The benefits of vaccination are immeasurable, as vaccines are still effective in protecting against severe infections and deaths.

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