At this Florida steakhouse, kids were talking “loudly.”Diner pulled out the fork, police say


A disturbing incident occurred on Wednesday at a restaurant in southwestern Florida.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, a man was arrested at a restaurant in Estello Mall, allegedly using tableware to threaten a fellow canteen.

According to the arrest affidavit, the family had dinner at the Wasabi Steakhouse around 6 pm at Miloma Outlet when the two young daughters were in a “destructive and noisy” state.

The suspect, who was seated at the next table, was later identified as Joseph Vader, excited by the noise and told his father, “Silence the children.”

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The victim told police that he and his wife were “doing their best to calm them,” but things got worse.

“The criminal picked up the fork, saw the victim, and threatened to use the fork to stab him in his throat,” a police report said. “The petitioner then left the family and said the criminal remained warlike, a few centimeters away from his face.”

The 49-year-old Vadder followed, after the family soon closed the establishment. Security video, Provided to NBC2 from the restaurantShowing him just behind the group when they leave.

Police reported that outside the parking lot, Vadder broke the window of the victim’s car and discussions continued.

The agent responded to the scene, but the suspect had already left. They pursued him after a while and arrested him on suspicion of exacerbated assault due to deadly weapons and property damages.

He was released on bail of $ 6,500.