ATF says a body found in the basement of the Raytown Duplex that exploded on Monday night

Investigators found the body of the dead in the basement. Raytown That house Exploded and ignited on Monday evening, According to the authorities.

Jon Hamm, Spokesperson Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives BureauA Kansas City department said the body would be taken out and taken to the Jackson County Medical Inspector’s Office to verify its identity once the building was safe.

Due to an explosion reported before 7 pm 7500 blocks on Inglewood Avenue.. Police did not disclose the cause of the explosion or the extent of injury to others who may have been nearby or inside.

“Multiple injuries have been reported, but details are unknown,” he said. Raytown PoliceSaid in a statement on Monday night.

About half of the double-stranded structure has become debris. Several fire trucks and emergency vehicles, including police and emergency medical personnel, remained on the scene until nightfall. The dead-end road was blocked by police tape. Over an hour after the crew first arrived, the smoke was clearly visible in the distance.

Neighbors, meanwhile, described the chaotic scene that unfolds in the evening. Some spectators were staring from the street while the fire engine slowly retreated from the block.

A woman who lived nearby and asked not to reveal her identity said she was driving the area when the explosion struck. She saw about 20 people running and screaming, with some big bangs ringing.

She called her husband half a mile away. He also heard a “big boom,” she said. The woman got a glimpse of the damage.

“I thought,’That house is gone,'” she said.

The· Missouri Fire Marshal Office Leading the survey. It was supported by an ATF agent.

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