Atlanta lawsuit kills parents of 8-year-old girl

Atlanta (AP) — The parents of an eight-year-old girl who died in a shooting near the scene where Rayshard Brooks was shot dead a few weeks ago filed a proceeding against the city of Atlanta and elsewhere on Monday.

Secoria Turner was on July 4, 2020, when a 27-year-old black man Brooks was riding an SUV with his mother and his mother’s friends near Wendy’s Restaurant, where a white police officer killed him in June. Was killed. 12. According to a proceeding by Shermain Turner and Secory Williamson, city leaders did not eliminate armed vigilantes gathered on the scene with peaceful protesters, leading to the death of Secoria. Created a dangerous situation.

“Secoria should be here. No matter what we do, the baby will never come back. Her life is priceless,” Turner said at a press conference on Monday. “We are justice. Someone needs to be held accountable. “

The restaurant was set on fire the day after Brooks’ murder, and for the next few weeks, protesters of police atrocities camped there. Temporary barricades were set up in the area, and armed men walked down the road. It was blocked and some drivers were driven away. According to the complaint, as the SUV Secoriea driver approached the barricade, armed people began walking towards the car, signaling that the driver could not overtake and one or more were shot by the car.

The city stopped accepting protesters occupying Wendy’s grounds after Secoria was killed, and the burnt shells of the restaurant were demolished on July 14.

The proceedings are filed in the Fulton County State Court against the city, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant, City Councilor Joyce Shepherd, Wendy’s International, and the company that owns the property in which Wendy’s is located. it was done.

The mayor’s office did not immediately comment on the proceedings on Monday. A police spokesman said he would not comment on the proceedings in dispute. Shepherd did not respond to the email immediately. Wendy’s did not immediately respond to the email asking for comment. The property owner’s contact information was not immediately found.

According to the complaint, violent and armed vigilantes were among the peaceful protesters who gathered on the scene to protest police violence and pay homage to Brooks. In late June, at least two people were shot and injured in the area. According to the proceedings, the streets became more and more violent and barricaded by armed militias who refused to allow people to pass.

City officials were aware of the dangerous situation and allowed it, the proceedings said. According to Bottoms, the city was planning to clear the area a few weeks before Secoria died, but Shepherd called for more time to talk to protesters, the proceedings said.

City and police leaders ignored the call of community leaders for police help and did nothing to combat the violence, the proceedings said. June 17, quoted in the proceedings. Police officers were told to deal with victims of violence, but “not overly aggressive in any form, form or method,” according to police emails.

“The mayor, city council, and police have made a clear decision not to have law enforcement in any particular location,” said family lawyer Shen Williams, who said it was a unique situation. Was.

The proceedings accuse the highest-level city leaders of failing to provide basic public safety and public protection.

Wendy’s and the property owner also made a mistake because they did not provide safety and security to the property and its access points, the proceedings said.

“They allowed nuisances on the premises. They were aware of the nuisances, the perpetual dangers and dangers of vigilantes when they were on the premises,” Williams said.

The proceedings seek a jury trial and seek damages for the amount determined by the jury.

Julian Conley, 20, was charged with felony murder and aggravated assault in Secoria’s death and remains in prison. He self-confessed on July 15, the day after police obtained an arrest warrant. His lawyer said Conley was armed and peacefully protested, witnessing the shooting but not firing.

According to police, several people were involved in the shooting, but no other arrests were made. Mawuli Davis, a lawyer for Secoriea’s parents, said on Monday that the family was talking to the district attorney’s office and investigators, and the trial was awaited.

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