Attempts to blame Mitt Romney for impeachment vote fail

Utah Republican Resolution Condemning Senator Mitt Romney (R) Voting for conviction Former President Trump, who abused power in the second impeachment trial, was unable to pass on Saturday. Salt Lake Tribune First reported.

Big picture: Rejection of 711-798 votes by representatives at the Utah Republican State Convention Numerous state republicans Move to Blame or rebuke Republicans in the House and Senate Voted for impeachment Or convict Trump in January in the Capitol Hill riots that month.

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Caution: Romney booed at the event and told Utah Republican Chairman Derek Brown to “respect” the crowd. Fox news Salt Lake City.

What they are saying: “I understand that there are some people who hate me badly, and I’m sorry about that, but I believe it’s right, express my heart, and follow my conscience as I believe it’s right,” Romney applauds. I applauded. And more boos.

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