Attempts to escape Princess Latifah from Dubai were thwarted.This is what we know about the role of the FBI

Sheikh Latifah Bin Tomohammed Almak Toum-aka Princess Latifah- Run away from her father, Dubai’s authoritarian ruler, when her escape was thwarted after a yacht was dramatically attacked in the Indian Ocean in 2018.

How Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-McTum found her daughter has been a mystery for three years. A USA TODAY survey found that the FBI plays an important role.

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This is what we know:

  • March 4, 2018, Princess LatifahShe was 32 years old at the time and was out in the ocean for eight days when the US-registered yacht Nostromo, on which she was traveling, was attacked by armed men. They tied her wrist and dragged her out of the boat. They were sent by the princess’s father, the United Arab Emirates Billionaire Prime Minister, and the ruler of the Emirates of Dubai.

  • USA TODAY, who summarized the tragic events through witness interviews, video, audio, and other data, learned that the FBI helped find the princess in response to an urgent petition from Sheikh Mohammed’s office. I did.

  • According to USA TODAY sources, the FBI believes that she is misunderstood about her situation on a yacht. The Dubai government has argued that the princess has been kidnapped and needs urgent assistance to secure her release, according to people familiar with the FBI’s role in highly sensitive operations. As a result, FBI agents have begun to obtain geopositional data from yacht internet providers and provide it to Dubai authorities.

  • Princess Latifah’s father, Sheikh Mohammed, refused to comment through a legal representative, but claimed to have rescued the princess in court records. He repeatedly rejected allegations of abusing her.

  • The FBI, the White House, and the State Department also declined to comment.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Princess Latifah: What We Know About the FBI’s Role in Her Capture

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