Attorney Trump details document hunt in an insulting battle of judgment

New York (AP) — Donald Trump’s legal team invalidates an insulting ruling, $ 10,000 per day fine He said he had made a detailed search for related files to the former president over a subpoena of documents related to a civil investigation into New York’s commerce.

Friday’s new 66-page court submission illustrates Trump’s attorney’s efforts to produce the document required by the office of Attorney General of New York Letitia James. Decade.

Trump called the investigation a political witch hunt, recently called the black James a “racist,” and said the court was “biased, unyielding, and completely unfair.”

Last week, New York Appeal Judge Refused his bid to suspend the fine Trump appeals the decision.

In a recent court filing, Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba stated that the response to the subpoena was complete and accurate, and that no relevant documents or information were withheld.

According to Filing, Haba searched Trump’s office and private land at a golf club in Bedminster, NJ, and his residence in Marago, Florida, but found no relevant documents that had not yet been done. It was produced. Filing also made a detailed search of other locations in the Trump Organization office in New York, including file cabinets and storage locations.

In another affidavit included in the filing, Trump stated that there were no relevant documents that had not yet been prepared.

He added that he owns two mobile phones. A personal iPhone he submitted in March to search as part of a subpoena and resubmitted in May. In addition, the second phone he was recently given is used only for posting to Truth Social. The social media network he started rear His ban from Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

In a previous court ruling, Haba called insulting rulings and fines “conscientious and undefendable.”