Attorney who quit Trump’s legal team cites disagreement with Trump adviser as reason for resignation


WASHINGTON (AP) – A lawyer who quit Donald Trump’s legal team last week said Saturday’s decision was due to a disagreement between the former president’s aides and strategies.

Timothy ParratoreHe was Trump’s lead attorney in the Justice Department’s special counsel investigation. Classified Documents Could Be Mishandled at Florida Mansiontold CNN in an interview Saturday that “there were certain people who made it harder than it should be to defend the president.”

Pointing to another attorney and top adviser to President Trump in multiple criminal investigations, Boris Epstein, he said: I am doing my best,” he said.

Parlatore said on Wednesday that he was stepping down from Trump’s legal team, a move by investigators. Special Counsel Jack Smith shows signs of convergence and is nearing a decision on whether to indict the former president. His comments on Saturday gave further context to the decision.

In a statement in response to Parratore’s comments, President Trump’s press secretary said: Parlatore is no longer a member of the legal team. His statements about current legal team members are baseless and completely false. “

In an interview, Mr. Paratore said Mr. Epstein acted as a “filter” that prevented his lawyers from getting information about the investigation from Mr. Trump.

He also said Epstein months ago resisted the idea of ​​lawyers organizing a raid on the Trump estate in Bedminster, N.J., for possible additional classified documents, and that Merrick’s “education” He also said that it interfered with the intended national defense strategy. Ask Garland how best to deal with this problem. Parlatore was one of the authors of a letter last month to the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, outlining a series of possible defenses in the investigation.

“The Department of Justice, in this case, the special counsel, is hard enough to fight, but if there are also people in the tent trying to undermine you, stop you and prevent you from doing what I know.” “I have to do it as a lawyer,” Paratore said.

“And when I get involved in such conflicts, it is to the detriment of what I need to do to protect my clients, and ultimately it is not in their best interests, so I have decided to back out.” I did,” he added.


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