Aus Keepers become the first parliamentary rebel to ratify fellow mobs

John Cherry

John Cherry

Heavy metal guitarist Aus Keepers’ self-proclaimed “lifetime member” pleaded guilty and became the first rebel on January 6 to cooperate with the federal government, prosecutors said Friday.

Indiana-born 53-year-old John Ryan Schaffer pleaded guilty to blocking official proceedings and blocking entry into restricted buildings with deadly or dangerous weapons at a hearing on Friday. .. At the hearing, Judge Amit Mehta also revealed that Schaffer would be sponsored to protect witnesses.

This accusation, which requires full cooperation with a federal prosecutor in an ongoing investigation, is the first time a rioter has dealt with his crime on January 6. Election certificate. So far, 400 people have been prosecuted in connection with the riots.

A judicial transaction between Schaffer’s lawyer and a federal prosecutor was unintentionally disclosed earlier this month after a sealed Justice Department document was mistakenly submitted to an official document.

“The government’s ongoing plea bargaining with this defendant is the first and most advanced plea bargain involving any of the more than 300 parliamentary riot defendants,” a federal prosecutor said on April 5. I am writing in. By pleading guilty on Friday, Schaffer will probably face four years in prison.

Heavy metal band Iced Earth guitarist and lead singer was charged with six charges in a hat that he declared to be a “lifetime member of the Oakkeepers” for participating in the siege on January 6. ..

Anti-Vaxker husband and wife charged after bragging online about the Capitol riots

During the siege, Schaffer allegedly sprayed bear spray on police officers in several US Capitols as he broke through government buildings. Criminal accusation Schaffer also stated that he had verbally assaulted an officer in the building.

Prosecutors said Schaffer had a far-right extremist view long before his decision to attack the Capitol with members of the paramilitary organization.

“In a 2017 interview, Schaffer regarded himself as an” anarchist “and called the federal government a” criminal enterprise. ” In the same interview, Schaffer said the 2016 presidential election was “illegal,” the complaint said.

After the election, Schaffer attended several Trump rallies protesting the election results. One of them reported at an event in March: We don’t want it, but if they bring it, we’ll deal with it, believe me. “

So far, prosecutors have more than 12 aus, including 38-year-old former Army veteran Jessica Watkins, who has been accused of recruiting members to “fight hand in hand” to take over the Capitol. The keeper was charged with a plot. Prosecutors often urge President Trump to declare martial law to “have the characteristics of a former law enforcement agency and military militia and prevent Congress from proving the results of the Electoral College.” The organization that did. “

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