Australia and New Zealand’s “world-leading” pandemic response marks the beginning of a two-way travel bubble

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison believes that the establishment of a quarantine-free two-way travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand is due to each country’s success in managing the CCP virus pandemic.

“This latest major step in resuming international travel has only been made possible by Australia and New Zealand’s internationally recognized world-leading response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Morrison said. Said in a statement April 6.

Morrison Told reporters Both countries were unaffected by the same types of viruses found in other parts of the world.

“The fact that we can combine again means work, which will mean people reunited,” he said. “It will mean many opportunities as the normal relationship between Australia and New Zealand will be restored.”

According to Morrison, the two-way safe travel zone between the two countries has attracted more than 34,000 people from New Zealand to Australia during the period following Australia’s one-way bubble opening six months ago.

The unquarantine trip begins on April 19, but New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern warns travelers to prepare for the turmoil caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. Did.

“People who travel on both sides of the ditch will do so under the guidance of the leaflets,” she said. “People need to plan about the potential for travel to be interrupted in the event of an outbreak.”

Officials from both countries will work closely together to control the outbreak. Ardern explained that there is a “continue, pause, pause” framework for outbreaks in the region.

In the event of a local outbreak, she said, instead of suspending all international flights, she could suspend or suspend flights to Australian states at risk.

“If a temporary restriction needs to be applied due to the outbreak of COVID-19, both countries will have as many government agencies, passengers, airlines and airport operators as possible affected by such measures. We will provide you with notifications. “

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