Australia and the United States are preparing “contingency” over the possibility of a Taiwan conflict

According to senior US diplomats, Australia and the United States are working on “unforeseen events” in the event of a conflict around Taiwan.

Michael Goldman, ChargĂ© d’Affaires of the US Embassy in Canberra, told the Australian National University (ANU). National security podcast Last week, Australia and the United States worked closely on security issues.

“I think we are working as an ally to cooperate not only in making the military interoperable and working well together, but also in strategic planning,” Goldman said.

“And when you look at strategic planning, it covers the range of contingencies you mentioned, in which Taiwan is clearly an important factor,” he added.

Since the re-election of President Tsai Ing-wen, Beijing’s hostile rhetoric against Taiwan has increased over the past year.

In recent months, Chinese military aircraft have also invaded Taiwan’s airspace almost every day. The largest was in late March, when 20 Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

Goldman said working with allies is key to maintaining power in the Indo-Pacific region.

Epoch Times Photo
During the annual Hankuang military exercise in Taichung, Taiwan on July 16, 2020, a projectile will be launched from the Thunderbolt-2000 Multiple Launch Rocket system made in Taiwan. (SamYeh / AFP via Getty Images)

“One of the things we’re determined to do is not to be in front of our allies,” he said.

“In fact, we intend to move with them because it is the secret source of our power in the Indo-Pacific,” he added.

Last December, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Wu urged Australia to support democracy and protect the island from potential threats.

“Australia was a very powerful element or actor in the Indo-Pacific,” he said. Australian Broadcasting Corporation..

“I think like-minded countries like Japan and Australia, India and the United States can also work together to prevent further expansionism,” he added.

Last year, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the Indo-Pacific region “the epicenter of intensifying strategic competition” and announced a 10-year $ 270 billion funding package for the Australian Defense Force upgrade.

One of the main focal points is to give the army even longer range of attack power to influence the enemy’s “cost calculation” if it decides to attack Australia.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration last month sought to assure Taiwan that the United States would support its allies by establishing a working group of the Coast Guard. The United States has traditionally been the largest supplier of weapons to Taiwan.

War game analysts believe that an attack on the island from Beijing is imminent, and one expert believes that regular invasion of Taiwan’s airspace is actually a simulation of the invasion. believe.

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