Australia announces new “Australia only” national brand

Australia Launched a new national brand It features a golden kangaroo logo and has a tagline of “Australia only”.

The brand was redesigned after the old design, Golden WattleSimilar to the illustration of coronavirus.

Over 300 marketing resources are provided free of charge to Australian companies to help them better promote their Australian products and services abroad and attract more investment and visitors.

This runs in parallel with the existing highly successful green and gold “Made in Australia” brands.

Trade Minister Dan Tehan said the strong brand will help all Australian companies sell their products and support local work.

“Strong national brands and taglines have Australia’s reputation as an internationally competitive investment destination, the best place to visit, a quality provider of education and a reliable exporter of premium products and services. I will strengthen it. ” Said..

Epoch Times Photo
Trade Minister Dan Tehan at a press conference to launch Australia’s national brand and tagline at the Parliament Building in Canberra, Australia, February 18, 2022. (AAP Image / Mick Tsikas)

Deloitte Access Economics modeling shows that one step up in the global brand rankings will increase commodity exports by about $ 3.1 billion annually ($ 2.235 billion).

In addition, it will improve direct foreign investment by $ 704 million annually, boost tourism by $ 174 million annually, and increase international education by $ 137 million annually (US $ 98 million).

“Australia’s national brand is more than just a logo and tagline,” Tehan said. “This is a comprehensive approach to selling Australia’s unique things to the world, free of charge for all Australian industry groups and companies to support growth and support more Australian work. Backed by a range of marketing assets and research available. “

The logo and tagline were developed through the National Brand Advisory Council and design agencies.

John Moriarty, chairman and cultural director of Baralinji, said the positive kangaroos reflect Australia’s optimism.

“It is formed by the contemporary representation of three boomerangs,” Moriarty said. “The head is a” 7 “boomerang with a hook used in ceremonies as a percussion instrument for singing and dancing. The body and tail are boomerangs used to hunt and forage food, or to connect and ignite conifers. “

Andrew Forrest, chair of the Brand Advisory Board, who is also the chair of the Fortescue Metals Group, said that strong national brands are valuable assets, attract investment and add value to exports.

“It’s time for Australian businesses, industries and governments to come together and jointly promote everything Australia offers.

“This allows us to celebrate being unique to Australia and be synonymous with quality, creativity, innovation, diligence, determination and friendship. In my view of our great country, it is us. The true Australian ANZAC spirit, “Forest said.

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